Over $1M Distributed to New Cohort of Grantees

Projects include DeFi platforms, indexing solutions, community tools, and much more

Over $1M Distributed to New Cohort of Grantees

Today the Sui Foundation announces the 17 projects who recently received $1.05M in grants for building projects to spur the adoption and advancement of Sui. To receive a grant, projects must submit a proposal detailing what they are building, a line item budget, key milestones, the team’s experience, and the expected contribution to the Sui community.

The following 17 projects work on products and services across DeFi, payments, infrastructure, oracles, and other core areas.

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Blockberry is a multi-chain platform offering a variety of products and services including the SuiScan Explorer, staking, instant RPC, and Developer API services.

Bushi is a free-to-play third-person competitive shooter game built completely in Unreal Engine 5. It is optimized to be one of the only esports-ready titles in Web3 gaming.

CoinBrain is a popular multi-chain AMM/DEX analytics platform that offers a wide range of developer tools such as free APIs, embed widgets, and chatbots.

Crumb Finance
Crumb Finance is building a fully on-chain solution for users to be able to Dollar Cost Average (DCA) into Sui and other assets available on Sui.

FlowX Finance
FlowX Finance redefines how users interact with DeFi through an advanced swapper, DEX aggregator, yield farming, liquidity dashboard, and launchpad, all managed through a DAO.

Indexer.xyz is building a multi-chain indexing solution on which NFT applications can build. Developers can build and go to market within a few days. It also makes it easier to tap into liquidity by aggregating NFT liquidity across chains.

Metamask Snap for Sui by Kuna Labs
Metamask Snap for Sui will allow MetaMask users to access Sui simply by installing the Snap on their MetaMask wallet.

Mole is a DeFi protocol providing savings, leveraged yield farms, and funds. Mole provides users products with different risk levels, from secure and stable to risky high yields.

NAVI Protocol
NAVI Protocol is a native liquidity protocol built on SUI. It offers lending and borrowing support for different assets including SUI, WETH, WBTC, and stablecoins. The platform also plans to add support for yield-generating LP tokens.

NFC’s on Sui by CryptoCoders
NFC's on Sui is a platform that will integrate social events with on-chain assets, allowing communities to create events that engage new and existing audiences. NFC technology will integrate Sui into the physical world by using mass-adopted technology to onboard users to Web3.

Scallop Tools
Scallop Tools is a UI tool that lets you construct Programmable Transaction Blocks, a single action that includes multiple transactions.

Smart Contract SDK Generator by Kuna Labs
sui-client-gen is a code generator that generates TS SDK code based on Move smart contracts. It brings type safety, and significantly reduces the boilerplate code, to interactions with smart contracts and fetching objects from the chain.

Stork invented a hybrid oracle architecture that is powered by a decentralized network of data publishers and compatible with Sui. They prioritize performance, using ultra-fast websockets, to ensure data is available at the millisecond level, similar to the data used for trading in TradFi.

Sui Contract Source Verifier by Movebit
The Sui Contract Source Verifier allows users, auditors, and developers to upload source code and audit results for Sui smart contracts to auto-verify differences between the on-chain bytecode and the source code.

SuiOwls provides tools and a community platform for the Sui Ecosystem, including a Discord sales bot, Discord holder verification, presale and fundraising platform, raffles and auctions, and much more. It currently supports projects like Fuddies and Cosmocadia.

Surf Wallet
Surf is a Payment 3.0 solution that aims to create a crypto payment system accessible to everyone. Surf's product lineup includes CPoS (crypto point of sale) for businesses. SurfPay enables bill payments, service subscriptions, one-tap on-ramp, and more. It ensures privacy through features like zkKYC (zero-knowledge KYC) and stealth transactions.

Zeus is building simplified, non-opinionated k8s node deployments that work over any cloud provider through Kubernetes. Its UI allows people to manage, build, and customize apps as well as deploy nodes in one click.