Contribute an Article

The Sui Foundation accepts article contributions to its blog. These articles should cover topics useful to the Sui community.

The Sui Foundation serves as a representative to the community building and using the Sui network. An essential function of the community involves sharing information and expertise about Sui. To further this aim, the Sui Foundation blog presents the opportunity for community members to contribute articles.

Articles we publish cover topics that are generally useful to the community, including app architecture and coding tips, well-formulated ideas about web3, and other useful information about the Sui network. We do not publish contributed articles intended to promote apps or services on the Sui network.

Once we have accepted an article idea, we will contact the contributor and develop an outline. After the outline is complete, the contributor writes a first draft of the article. When we receive the first draft, we begin editing the article, then share it with the contributor for a review. This entire process may take a few weeks. In addition, each article idea enters a queue and we may not begin this process for additional weeks, depending on how many article ideas have been received.

We also may reject article ideas if they do not meet our standards.

Please fill out our co-marketing request form to submit your idea.

We will engage with you to help write the article and publish it on the Sui Foundation blog.