Fifteen Projects Awarded Over $1M in Grants

Grantees include commerce, gaming, and DeFi projects

Fifteen Projects Awarded Over $1M in Grants

Today the Sui Foundation announces fifteen projects who recently received $1.06M in grants for building projects to spur the adoption and advancement of Sui. To receive a grant, projects must submit a proposal detailing what they are building, a line item budget, key milestones, the team’s experience, and the expected contribution to the Sui community.

The following 15 projects work on products and services across gaming, DeFi, commerce, tooling, and other core areas.

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Beamable is an open, extensible game server platform that lets people create online games and virtual worlds in minutes. They will implement a Sui microservice in C# that makes Sui blockchain NFTs and tokens readily accessible as a "day zero" service for Unity and Unreal developers.

Coda Network
Coda is a token-governed economy and suite of tools that allow artists and fans to engage in a more direct and meaningful way. Coda organizes artists and fans on-chain and provides them with blockchain-powered tools that are designed to replace middlemen service providers.

Degenhive is a pioneering, metaverse-themed DEX that uses dynamic NFTs to drive a unique user profile-based governance model. This platform supports concentrated liquidity, stableswap, and weighted pools, and converts all earned protocol fees into SUI for distribution among Hive users. by DeSuiLabs
Players can compete in skill-based games of “Spot the Ball” to win gaming, cash, and flex-worthy prizes. All in-game actions and results are hashed on-chain and presented on site for provable fairness. Each game entry gives users a free ticket for the monthly jackpot.

Fuzzing Labs
Fuzzing Labs is building a fuzzer for smart contracts on Sui. This tool will help find vulnerabilities and bugs in Sui smart contracts. It will generate unit tests and allow in-depth stateful testing by generating a sequence of calls.

Iguazu is a perpetual futures trading platform dedicated to commodities markets that provides secure, leveraged trading opportunities. This product will offer a variety of features including idiosyncratic market parameters around each commodity item, continuous funding designs, and an information market widget.

Obelisk Engine
Obelisk Engine is a framework that compresses the complexity of building Move apps with a tightly integrated software stack. For example, people can quickly build full-chain games and autonomous worlds with the framework.

Quidli is a micro on-ramp connecting Web2 apps and Web3 assets that allow you to embed crypto rewards and incentives into your collaboration workflows to boost participation and motivation. With it, you can recognize your top contributors in your Slack and or Discord.

Rage Effect by Goldon Studios
Rage Effect is a F2P AAA tactical shooter on PC and Mobile that introduces a new gaming genre and a Play-and-Earn system in six game modes.

Remedi Finance
Remedi is building a novel marketplace model, Direct-Merchant-to-Consumer, that is highly composable where any builder can use the core engine to use real world collateral with DeFI and create new sustainable real world revenues.

Smart POS by Esol Labs
Smart POS is an all-in-one payment solution that provides a seamless connection with a merchant’s ERP system, integrating multiple features into one device. The Smart POS will integrate paying with cryptocurrency via QR codes.

Suiet Wallet
Suiet is a third-party wallet, offering seamless security features through biometric authentication, and an NFT & dApp Gallery that fosters creativity. The interface is designed for beginners, making asset management across multiple devices effortless. Suiet maintains the security of users' assets with hardware-protected encryption keys.

Suinvest is a mobile investment app that uses Sui’s flexibility for a variety of signing methods to allow users to manage their accounts and keys securely through Face-ID signing.

Token Distribution Protocol by Kuna Labs
The Token Distribution Protocol by Kuna Labs is a set of highly composable, flexible, and modular smart contracts that implement various ways of distributing tokens.
The modules can be used to build higher level smart contracts such as custom liquidity mining functionality and various types of vesting.

VMeta3 is a metaverse that features human-visualizable Web3 scenes. For users, it is a place to surf, participate, interact & stay updated with Web3 protocols, Defi, communities & NFTs.