7 Reasons to Attend Sui’s Denver Builder House

Undecided about attending the Sui Builder House in Denver? Here are 7 reasons to sign up!

7 Reasons to Attend Sui’s Denver Builder House

Our first Builder House in Lisbon last year was a smashing success, and we expect even more excitement in Denver. Our Denver Builder House runs from February 28 to March 2, and will feature amazing speakers, networking with fellow builders, and a coding challenge with prizes.

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Here are seven reasons to attend the Sui Builder House in Denver:

Attend Adeniyi Abiodun’s Keynote

Get deep insight into the Sui roadmap from Mysten Labs co-founder and CPO Adeniyi Abiodun. During his Builder House keynote, Adeniyi will talk about starting up Mysten Labs, the progress through Testnet Waves 1 and 2, and his expectations for the environment after Mainnet’s launch. Along with Adeniyi, meet other Mysten Labs and Sui movers and shakers.

Show Up For Kostas Chalkias’ Keynote

As Mysten Labs’ chief cryptographer, Kostas ensures the highest security for transactions over the Sui network. Through Kostas’ direction, Sui enables best-of-breed industry cryptography standards, secure key management, and stable APIs. Kostas’ keynote will cover all things security on Sui.

Capture the Flag

Compete with your fellow builders in a capture the flag-style game that will challenge your coding chops and Move knowledge. Stand amongst other elite coders while competing for recognition and prizes, including cool Sui swag.

Uplevel Your Skills

As a new network, we’re all learning about Sui’s potential. It sits at the leading edge of decentralized network technology, but plenty of helpful guides are ready to share their knowledge. The technical presentations will offer unparalleled learning opportunities as experts detail smart coding solutions.

Network Your A** Off

With attendance planned at over 200 builders, investors, and thought leaders, this event lets the community really come together. Meet people you might never find online, chat about projects, and gain new ideas about what you can build on Sui.

Raise a Toast with the Sui Community

Join us for a cocktail reception and definitely attend the closing party. Dance, drink, or just enjoy some social time with the community. You will have exclusive access to the closing party at the Four Seasons Hotel, which will feature a DJ and a champagne toast.

Meet the Sui Team

Attendees at the Denver Builder House will include people from The Sui Foundation and Mysten Labs. Among the staff on hand will be members of the Sui founding team, core contributors, protocol designers, product managers, and developer relations engineers. This Builder House gives you the opportunity to ask questions, offer suggestions, and chat about the code that makes it all work.

It All Kicks Off in Denver

We are incredibly excited to be hosting the first Sui Builder House of the year, not to mention the first ever in the US. It’s going to be a phenomenal event for learning and networking, but if you can’t make it, we’ve got a great schedule of Builder Houses for 2023.

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