AGSpeedy's AI to Grade Collectibles, Certify on Sui

The new system will rely on Sui as a secure repository for authentication certificates, leading to provable ownership and provenance.

AGSpeedy's AI to Grade Collectibles, Certify on Sui

Speedy Comics, producer of PopCon Me, and AGS, an AI-powered collectibles authentication service, will use Sui to securely host certificates attesting to the ownership and provenance of verified pop culture collectibles. Buyers of collectibles, from rare Pokemon cards to Star Wars props, can be assured of their item's authenticity and their proof of ownership.

The AGSpeedy system, the result of this partnership, laser scans collectibles and uses its AI engine to verify and grade the item. It then generates an authenticity certificate which includes the item's grade and uploads it to Sui. The certificate serves as a digital twin of the collectible item.

image of an authentication certificate
Collectibles authenticated by the AGSpeedy system will receive a digital version of AGS' certificate, serving as a digital twin to the item.

Sui's blockchain technology ensures the certificate cannot be duplicated or altered in a fraudulent manner. In computational terms, the certificate is an object stored on the Sui network, with fields containing the provenance of the item it represents. That certificate appears in the owner's Sui account. If the owner decides to sell the physical item, they can securely transfer the certificate to the buyer. Sui verifies the transaction on its network and records the certificate's new ownership, maintaining a chain of custody. 

Collectible owners won't need to navigate the complexities presented by other blockchain networks, as Sui offers zkLogin, a simplified means of creating an account using existing credentials from services such as Google and Facebook.

With its AI technology, AGSpeedy grades and verifies physical items much quicker and more consistently than grading services that rely on human experts. The system creates a grading constant for items, eliminating the problem of differing opinions from various experts as to quality.

Speedy Comics runs the largest comic book store in Dubai, with landmark collectibles such as an issue of Superman #1, valued at $33 million. It's PopCon Me event brings together popular culture fans and cosplayers from around the world, serving as a nexus for collectors to trade unique and iconic items from the worlds of film, television, and comics. 

The introduction of AGSpeedy brings the collectibles industry, with a market valued in the billions of dollars, into the 21st century.