Alibaba Cloud Supports Sui Builders with AI, Hackathons, and Doc Translations

Alibaba Cloud announces an exciting array of new services helping builders create new projects on Sui.

Alibaba Cloud Supports Sui Builders with AI, Hackathons, and Doc Translations

Last year Alibaba Cloud began offering services tailored to Sui builders, with secure infrastructure and archival node services. Today, the company announced an array of new services in support of Move developers to keep pace with Sui's rapid growth.

The Sui network offers developers capabilities not seen on other blockchains, including horizontal scaling, high throughput, object-focused programming, and cutting edge cryptographic primitives such as zkLogin. The relative newness of the Move programming language, however, means a limited pool of developers ready to take advantage of Sui's opportunity.

The services with Alibaba Cloud support not only boost existing Move developers, but help onboard new developers to Sui. These services include an artificial intelligence-enabled development environment, community events, and translation of Move documentation into Asian languages.

Building a developer base

Projects eager to build on Sui may face difficulties in finding developers experienced in Move. Alibaba Cloud's new services help developers onboard to Move and generally increase developer velocity. Recognizing high interest in Sui from Asian regional builders, the company will help translate Sui documentation into Mandarin Chinese and Korean. These new translations will open Sui development to millions of builders, who can build decentralized apps that offer global and local solutions, ranging from loyalty programs to games to decentralized finance. 

As an exciting new development, Alibaba Cloud, in collaboration with Mysten Labs and the ChainIDE team, will create an artificial intelligence-enhanced tool for Sui builders in ChainIDE, a popular blockchain-focused development environment. This version of ChainIDE will be able to generate code based on natural language prompts from builders, giving them a base to begin fine-tuning for specific applications. Generating code in this manner increases velocity for experienced developers while helping new Move developers learn the language and explore its possibilities.

Helping build the Sui developer community further, Alibaba Cloud plans on sponsoring project incubators and hackathons. With assistance from Mysten Labs, the company will invite projects to incubators in strategic locations, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and Dubai. These incubators will support promising projects that help grow the Sui ecosystem. Similarly, Alibaba Cloud hackathons, held on a global scale, will incentivize developers to learn and develop new Sui projects. 

Putting its stake in the ground further, Alibaba Cloud will support Sui infrastructure by providing Sui Full Node services. The company already offers cloud services supporting independent Sui infrastructure operators, but this full node signals Alibaba Cloud’s commitment to Sui's future. In addition, Mysten Labs' strategic partner Shinami Gas Station will support Sui builders on Alibaba Cloud, making it easy for builders to sponsor user transactions and onboard new users seamlessly. 

Beyond Web3

With a goal of bridging both worlds, Sui technology combines the virtues of Web3 technology with the accessibility and ease-of-use the general public expects from online tools. Projects can make an impact in the real world as well as online. Alibaba Cloud's new offerings will increase Move knowledge and give builders the tools they need to make their projects a reality.

Alibaba Cloud rewards the Sui builder community's enthusiasm for Move and the platform with tools, events, and services that take projects from the planning stages to production. Users benefit by finding more utility and engagement on Sui.