Announcing Sui Academic Research Awards

Researchers and academics are invited to submit funding proposals for the first round of awards.

Announcing Sui Academic Research Awards

Sui Foundation invites researchers and academics from institutions around the world to apply for the first round of Sui Academic Research Awards. Submissions are rolling and reviewed on a quarterly basis.

The Sui Academic Research Awards program is designed to support individuals and teams pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in technology, finance, economics, and more. Interdisciplinary research is essential to understanding web3 and its potential to transform the world.

We are committed to supporting groundbreaking research that advances the Sui Foundation mission. $250,000 in funding has been earmarked for the first round of proposals with the full intention to have additional rounds in the near future.

Proposals can be on any relevant topics related to blockchain technology and the Sui Foundation is particularly interested in research on:

  • Distributed, decentralized, and permissionless computer systems and mechanisms
  • Smart contract languages, tools, and techniques
  • Techniques for high assurance and verification of protocols and software
  • Cryptographic, computer security, and privacy techniques
  • Mechanisms based on crypto-economics or game theory
  • Advanced applications, ecosystem components, and uses of blockchain platforms of relevance to the Sui platform and its ecosystem
  • Finance including trade, payment systems, capital flows, marketplaces, and commerce
  • Tokenization and securitization of physically indivisible assets such as art and music
  • Public policy, organizations, and personal rights including decentralized identities, censorship, and governance
  • Decentralization and society including philosophy of decentralization, its impact on democracy, and its role in welfare economics

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