Announcing Sui Directory

The Sui Directory, a community hub for projects built on Sui, lists projects by category, making it a one-stop source for Sui apps.

Announcing Sui Directory

The Sui ecosystem is growing rapidly, and when Mainnet launches we expect growth of the Sui community will accelerate. It can be difficult to keep abreast of all the projects being built on Sui, even for those deeply engaged with the community. To facilitate greater discovery, understanding, and connection, the Sui Foundation announces the launch of the Sui Directory.

Of the Community, By the Community

The Sui Directory is a map of the Sui landscape, constantly in flux as new projects are discovered and documented. It is a public resource, reliant on builders for correct and reliable information, expanding as the community does. Governed by basic community guidelines and standards, the directory is only as good as the information it receives and the connections it facilitates.

To seed the initial profiles, the Sui Foundation reached out to known builders in the Sui community, those that have participated in our Builder Houses, grant programs, and Discord server. We will continue to enhance the directory in the short term but the intention, as with all activities performed by the Sui Foundation, is for the community to become the driving force behind the directory’s success, including its ongoing management and growth.

How the Directory Works

Any builder who wants their project to be listed in the Sui Directory can submit a profile. As privacy is of the utmost importance, all information is voluntary and we recommend only publicly available professional and business contact information be included in any submission. Each project can submit a brief description of the project, website and social links, and a profile picture. Submissions are reviewed by admins for the quality, relevance, and completeness of the information provided. In addition, all project teams must be in good community standing, meaning they have not been flagged for violating community, event, or program rules/policies or any other applicable law, rule or regulation. The review process ensures all projects published in the directory are trusted and in good standing with the community and takes approximately 5 business days.

Once published, all profiles are tagged with categories such as art, DeFi, culture, API, and more, allowing visitors to quickly filter and find projects of interest. Project teams are encouraged to update their profiles as their product evolves to ensure visitors have the most reliable information available.

The Future of the Sui Directory

We will continue to improve and enrich the directory experience throughout the course of the year and want to prioritize feature requests desired by the community. Share your feedback, comments, and requests through the support form.