Atoma Enabling AI for Builders on Sui

A new artificial intelligence network promises to give Sui builders an edge across all domains, including DeFi and gaming.

Atoma Enabling AI for Builders on Sui

AI startup Atoma announced its upcoming inference network will integrate with Sui. The network will empower builders to leverage AI in their apps. Atoma chose Sui as its first blockchain integration due to its scalability and performance.

Although generative AI made waves in the past few years, it has yet to find its way into many consumer apps. Atoma's AI inference network takes a broad-based and decentralized approach to enabling builders. Deploying AI as a layer, builders can integrate intelligent decision-making into their Sui apps.

Jorge Antonio, Co-founder and CTO of Atoma, participates in a panel during Sui Basecamp.

Using Atoma, builders will be able to automatically generate and audit code, and automate workflows. DeFi protocols can leverage the service for risk analysis and prediction tools, while gaming companies and artists can generate assets and create genetic NFTs. Atoma's AI can also classify and fact check social media content, and help manage decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).  

As most independent developers and even large companies don't have the resources to hire an AI team, Atoma's inference network provides a future-forward capability that may become a critical necessity for apps.

Builders interested in exploring Atoma's capabilities can contact the company through its partnership form.