Sui’s Biggest Gaming Wins of 2023

Sui’s Biggest Gaming Wins of 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of Web3 gaming, Sui stands as a powerful platform, carving a unique path in the industry's transformative journey. Sui's distinctive network architecture, providing scalability and high throughput, makes gaming possible in a blockchain setting. The incorporation of Sui primitives, such as sponsored transactions, notably streamlines gaming experiences while abstracting blockchain complexities from users.

As we look back on the year 2023, five key highlights emerge, showcasing Sui's role in transforming Web3 gaming.

1. Alliance with Korean gaming giants

Sui's ascent in the gaming realm began with a resounding achievement—securing partnerships with three out of the four Korean gaming giants: Netmarble, NHN, and NCSoft. These alliances are not simply symbolic, they are a catalyst for innovation and collaboration in Web3 gaming. These strategic alliances continue to forge new pathways shaping the trajectory for the evolution of Web3 gaming on Sui.

2. Launch of Sui’s Play Beyond hub

Sui's Play Beyond hub stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication of the Sui Foundation to the evolution of Web3 gaming. Through curated content, interactive showcases, and insightful resources, Play Beyond encapsulates Sui's vision to propel gaming beyond conventional norms, empowering developers and enthusiasts to explore the possibilities of Web3 gaming. It serves as a hub for knowledge and inspiration, highlighting the Sui Foundation’s proactive role in shaping the future of gaming on the decentralized web.

3. Successful Quest 3 metrics

The gaming-centric Quest 3 drew an impressive tally of 809,000 participating wallets overall and 136,000 daily active wallets. Quest 3 was specifically designed to incentivize users to engage with Sui-based games, such as Panzerdogs, which, currently, boasts over 1.6 million associated Sui wallets and sees approximately 1,000 games played per day. These metrics serve as an indication of Sui's prowess in captivating and retaining a significant user base, reinforcing its role as a leading force in advancing Web3 gaming experiences.

4. Pioneering partnerships

A testament to collaborative innovation, Mysten Lab's Solutions Engineering team completed over 65 engagements with gaming partners. These initiatives represent a united drive to pioneer groundbreaking solutions and technologies, steering the advancement of Web3 gaming applications.

5. Enhanced User Experience with Sponsored Transactions

Beyond the performance benefits provided from the underlying network, Sui offers primitives for abstracting the common user friction points, such as gas fees. Sui primitives, such as sponsored transactions, have proven to be invaluable to the top games on Sui. Developers wanting to abstract gas fees from their user's experience may use Shinami's Gas Station API for an even easier experience. By offering primitives to ease onboarding frictions and make for a better user experience, Sui offers a great developer experience for Web3 gaming, while also enriching the gaming experience.

Sui’s gaming journey continues

Closing the chapter of 2023, Sui established the bedrock for a flourishing gaming ecosystem. Its impactful partnerships and live games attest to Sui's strength as a potent force in Web3 gaming. Throughout 2024, expect to see many new games launching on Sui, delighting users with new, exciting experiences.