Be a Builder Hero

The Sui Foundation is proud to announce the Builder Hero Award, which recognizes the efforts of early adopters on the Sui network who help advance the ecosystem and community.

Be a Builder Hero

In our efforts to support, recognize, and elevate the Sui community, The Sui Foundation presents the Builder Hero Award. This award recognizes community members who distinguish themselves through their contributions to the Sui ecosystem. Along with community recognition, winners will receive a cash prize, an invitation to a Sui Builder House, and cool Sui swag.

The award focuses on those who build and help educate the community. In this early Sui era, community members who excel in these areas play a crucial role in advancing network development. Sui’s success ultimately depends on its community.

Builders we recognize for this award contribute to the Sui open source code on GitHub, build tooling that makes development easier, and deploy new and engaging apps on Devnet. They also share their expertise in Move with the community. They may be active on the Sui Developer Forums, Sui Discord, and Suinami Riders Telegram group, always ready to help their fellow community members by answering questions, offering technical solutions, and providing feedback to the Sui team and fellow ecosystem projects. They may publish online tutorials or other educational material, or give presentations explaining how to build on Sui.

While we value all members of the community, some have invested significant time and energy from the outset. If you know of someone deserving, please let us know here.

We expect to announce winners of the Builder Hero Award on February 17, 2023. All winners will be contacted individually, and must meet certain eligibility requirements to receive material prizes.

Sui would not be where it is today without its community support. Thank you all! Happy building!

Builder Hero Award FAQ

Q: What is the Builder Hero Award?

  • The Sui Network relies on its community of builders and contributors to bring web3 to the next billion users.
  • While we value all members of the community, some have invested significant time and energy from the outset. The Builder Hero Award recognizes those early contributors who believe in Sui and have made meaningful contributions in advancing the network and ecosystem development.

Q: Who qualifies?

  • Builders who have demonstrated extraordinary contributions to the Sui Network since Devnet
  • Those who’ve helped advance network development
  • Those who’ve successfully deployed a use case/project on Sui Devnet
  • Those who’ve been an active, contributing community member working to advance and grow the Sui community (e.g. respond to technical questions on Discord or our Forums, conduct a Sui workshop)

Q2: I have someone in mind. What should I do?

Q: How many will be recognized and is there a prize?

  • We’d like to recognize up to 15 projects.
  • Awards included a one time cash prize, an invitation to a Sui Builder House, and Sui swag.

Q: How often will the Sui Foundation give out this recognition?

  • The Sui Foundation will continue to recognize outstanding contributors to the Sui ecosystem in various ways. We hope this Builder Hero Award is the start of many, and we’ll continue to reflect and evolve how we recognize those dedicated to making the Sui network a success with community input.

Q: What is the difference between the Builder Hero Award and the Developer Grant program?

  • The Developer Grant program provides funding to early stage projects that advance the Sui ecosystem. Developer Grant recipients may get additional funding as their projects progress and show promise.
  • The Builder Hero Award recognizes projects and community members who helped the Sui network advance in its development.
  • Developer Grants and the Builder Hero Award are not mutually exclusive, and some projects may earn both.