20 Developers Win Sui Builder Hero Award

The 20 winners of the Sui Builder Hero Award developed some of the first tools and apps on Sui, and helped educate the community.

20 Developers Win Sui Builder Hero Award

The Sui Foundation proudly announces 20 winners of its Builder Hero Award. These winners distinguished themselves by building tools and apps that enhance the Sui network and supporting their fellow builders through active forum participation or other help. Along with a cash prize, this award includes invitations to Sui Builder Houses and cool Sui swag.

The Sui community thrives when builders help builders. At The Sui Foundation, we work alongside the community to recognize the vital role that knowledgeable people play in the Sui community. The Sui Builder Hero Award program recognizes those early contributors in the community who’ve made significant efforts in advancing Sui.

The Heroes

The winners of the Sui Builder Hero Award created a wide variety of projects on the Sui network. These early bets on Sui, launched during Devnet, demonstrate these builders’ belief and recognition of Sui’s potential. The builders behind these projects made a name for themselves in the Sui community through activities such as engaging in forums, holding seminars and presentations, and contributing to the Sui GitHub.


This decentralized exchange offers such features as pools, which can be used for indices and portfolio management, staking, and even a Capy farm, where users can stake or breed their Capys.


This Sui launchpad platform helps projects by letting them raise funds through token creation and initial offerings. The platform proved popular on Sui Devnet where it engaged thousands of users.


Building and maintaining an NFT marketplace from the early days of Sui’s Devnet and through Testnet Waves, this builder created a popular use case for Sui. The marketplace makes it easy for people to get involved and experience Sui’s advantages.


Looking at the capabilities of the Sui network, these builders came up with Capsule, a standard that attaches metadata to objects on Sui. The builders actively engage in both the online and offline Sui community, helping their fellow community members.


These builders are working on Cetus, a decentralized exchange that will make it easier to trade currencies. Cetus includes libraries other developers can incorporate into their decentralized financial apps.


As a branding service, Cramium leverages Sui to create digital coupons, loyalty programs, gated events, and exclusive content. These use cases take Sui into the realm of necessary services for everyday users.


These builders launched Ethos Wallet, the first third-party app on Sui, and are developing a virtual wallet infrastructure. Along with a number of app launches, such as Sui Chess and Sui Checkers, they help educate the community through open source projects and articles about Move on their Medium blog.


This NFT marketplace is built for games, an excellent use case for Sui. Integrated into a game, Keepsake could be used to make character possessions, such as clothing items, into NFTs. Players would be able to inventory, trade, and sell these items.

Kuna Labs

Along with implementation and open sourcing of an automated market maker smart contract in idiomatic Move, these builders published an article on the Move programming language and engaged with Sui creators on resolving early issues.


This liquidity platform includes an automated market maker and a decentralized exchange, services which can underpin various decentralized financial apps. The builders co-hosted Move educational programs and worked to onboard new developers to Sui.


This group is releasing SDKs and tools making it easy for builders to apply standards to NFTs on Sui. They are also building a liquidity layer for Sui, which could serve as a standard for buying and selling NFTs.


The builders of OtterSec play a crucial role by auditing the security of the Sui network as well as the Move virtual machine. As builders independent from Sui’s creators, their work builds trust in the network.


This very active builder created an early betting app on Sui supporting a third party escrow holder. Following that came Polymedia Chat, an on-chain chat app for Sui. Other developers have benefited from this builder’s open source code and community help.


Making Sui work with existing programming languages is a key means of onboarding new builders. This builder developed PySui, a Python client SDK for the Sui network.

Sui Gallery

This NFT marketplace, launched on the early Devnet, brings many people to Sui. The marketplace boasts over 30,000 users minting NFTs. The builders have also grown the Turkish Sui community through their outreach.


The developers behind Suia actively promote the Sui network, espousing its attributes in forums and on their site. Their proof-of-attendance platform allows companies to offer such objects as event tickets and contribution medals, and create gamification.


As a standalone wallet, Suiet is easy to use and includes interesting features, such as the ability to mint NFTs. However, the team behind it also made it open source, making code available for other developers to build their own wallets or learn from.


This name service includes both .move and .sui, allowing both companies and individuals to create on-chain identities. This service helps preserve anonymity and safe transactions. The group also holds regular events to onboard new members to Sui.


This blockchain explorer gives an excellent dashboard view of the Sui network in real time. View metrics including transactions, coins, validators, and NFTs on any currently running Sui network.


As a permissionless oracle protocol for general purpose data feeds and verifiable randomness, Switchboard offers a very useful service for builders to create web3 apps. A drag-and-drop interface makes it particularly easy to set up data feeds.


The Sui Foundation, in conjunction with active, trusted community members, came up with initial nominations for the Builder Hero Award. In this process, we encouraged the nomination of:

  • Builders who helped educate their fellow developers on Sui through such activities as creating tutorials, giving presentations, answering questions in the Sui Discord, and creating open source projects with use cases and sample code;
  • builders who advanced Sui network development and demonstrated Sui’s capabilities through substantive apps, developer tools, infrastructure development, and technical solutions; and
  • active users of Sui Discord, Forum, or other channels that stand out as community contributors. These people excelled in answering questions and giving sound technical advice, helping their fellow builders learn and solve difficult problems. They advocated for the Sui network and brought new builders on board.

The Sui Community

Sui is fortunate to have one of the most vibrant and engaged communities of any pre-Mainnet blockchain network. Sui’s community of builders post frequently in such groups as the Sui Developer Forums, Sui Discord, Sui Twitter, and Suinami Riders Telegram group. Many builders are happy to help answer questions about Move and developing apps on the Sui network. The community is the place to go for crowd-sourced knowledge!

Through The Sui Foundation we endeavor to support builders and grow the Sui network. Along with the Builder Hero Award, we support a number of programs to help educate, cultivate, and grow our community.

Happy building!

Builder Hero Award FAQ

Q: What is the Builder Hero Award?

  • The Sui Network relies on its community of builders and contributors to bring Web3 to the next billion users.
  • The Builder Hero Award recognizes early contributors who believe in Sui and have made meaningful contributions in advancing the network and ecosystem development.

Q: Who qualifies?

  • Builders who have demonstrated extraordinary contributions to the Sui Network since Devnet
  • Those who’ve helped advance network development
  • Those who’ve successfully deployed a use case/project on Sui Devnet
  • Those who’ve been an active, contributing community member working to advance and grow the Sui community (e.g. respond to technical questions on Discord or our Forums, conduct a Sui workshop)

Q: What is the award?

  • Awards include recognition across social channels, an invitation to a Sui Builder House, Sui swag and a one time cash prize.

Q: How often will the Sui Foundation give out this recognition?

  • The Sui Foundation will continue to recognize outstanding contributors to the Sui ecosystem in various ways. We hope this Builder Hero Award is the start of many, and we’ll continue to reflect and evolve how we recognize those dedicated to making the Sui network a success with community input.

Q: What is the difference between the Builder Hero Award and the Developer Grant program?

  • The Developer Grant program provides funding to projects that advance the Sui ecosystem. Developer Grant recipients may get additional funding as their projects progress and show promise.
  • The Builder Hero Award recognizes projects and community members who helped the Sui network advance in its development.
  • Developer Grants and the Builder Hero Award are not mutually exclusive, and some projects may earn both.