BytePlus Empowering Web3 with Sui, Eyeing Gaming and SocialFi

With products such as a recommendation engine and video effects, BytePlus gives Sui builders new capabilities.

BytePlus Empowering Web3 with Sui, Eyeing Gaming and SocialFi

BytePlus, ByteDance technology solutions subsidiary takes its first foray into empowering companies and services on blockchain with Sui. BytePlus will work with Mysten Labs to adapt its recommendation solutions and augmented reality products, among other services, to Sui.

The company chose Sui as the best blockchain network to offer its services in support of gaming and social apps. 

BytePlus offers a variety of services, including a content distribution network, personalisation solutions, and user engagement tools that leverage cutting edge AR technology, and data analysis. Making these services available to Sui builders, gives them a leg up in developing apps with global impact. 

One such service, BytePlus Recommend, lets builders create heavily personalized apps, giving users a satisfying, tailored experience. Another service, BytePlus Effects, includes 80,000 ready-to-use stickers and effects for video apps. Combined with Sui's unique NFT technology, this service could power groundbreaking new social apps.

BytePlus will be able to pioneer new ground on Sui. Leveraging digital assets with dynamic features and programmable ownership policies, the company can build entirely new experiences that will grow its user base. Sui's user-friendly features, such as zkLogin and sponsored transactions, eliminates the barriers for mass adoption of blockchain technology.

The technology prowess exhibited by BytePlus, combined with the next generation innovations of Sui, will lead to innovative new services and apps.