Wishing You a Capy Holidays

Mysten Labs and Sui Foundation are excited to announce a special event for Sui Capys on Sui Devnet: #CapyHolidays!

Wishing You a Capy Holidays

Happy Holidays! Since we announced Sui Capys last month, over 1 million Capys have been created by more than 100,000 unique players on Sui Devnet. As a developer demo, we’re incredibly excited about how the community embraced Sui Capys and what its success means for the future of apps on Sui.

And today, Mysten Labs and Sui Foundation are excited to announce a special event for Sui Capys on Sui Devnet: #CapyHolidays!

For the next two weeks, the Sui community can obtain limited-release Gift Boxes, each containing unique, event-specific attributes, accessories, and backgrounds to add some holiday excitement for Capys and share the joy of gifting. With this release, Sui Capys demonstrate mechanisms such as restricted transfers, unlockable game features, dynamic fields, and event-specific capabilities.


  • This is a developer preview showcasing unique aspects of Sui, and for developers to reference when building projects of their own. Capys are not for sale.
  • Sui Capys is a demo designed specifically to inspire our developer community. This is not an airdrop. Please faucet responsibly and do not spam the Devnet faucet.
  • Your Sui Capys will disappear when Devnet is reset. Please screenshot your Capys to “save” and share them.
  • Please respect others in the Sui community – don’t buy more Gift Boxes than you can use, and please don’t set prices that no one can afford.
  • There’s a known issue with GiftBox link generation: instead of getting the user to the secure https version of website, it leads to http, resulting in an “insecure” notification on Wallet. Click continue to progress. A fix will be implemented soon.

Learn how to purchase, open, and share Gift Boxes in the video below:

New Technical Features

Beginning today, you’ll be able to purchase a Gift Box on Capy.art. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to connect your wallet to purchase a special holiday Gift Box. Then you can either open the Gift Box yourself and receive a Capy, or send the Gift Box to a friend via Capy Post.

Not to spoil the surprise, but in the spirit of the winter holiday season, special unlockable rewards await those who share three Gift Boxes with friends. You’ll also find a few fun Easter eggs hidden throughout the site. See the code in action at the Sui Capys Github.

Capy Core Module
We added a new external extension to the Capy core module to mint Capys – in this case capy_winter – to mint new Capys with custom attributes (added on top of default ones).

The Capys design always allowed the custom attributes feature, but this is the first time we’re using it to illustrate how limited edition Capys can be created. In this instance custom attributes are not inheritable, the only way to get a custom attribute is by opening a GiftBox.

Capy Post Office
Sharing Gift Boxes requires a new feature for Sui Capys, the Capy Post Office. We use restricted transfers for GiftBox objects to track every parcel sent to friends through the CapyPost object. We also use restricted transfers to prevent a PremiumBox from being sent or opened by someone other than the owner.

The restricted transfers feature enables us to programmatically track the number of sent gifts and build a logic around it, including the mechanism to give sharing awards.

And in the spirit of giving, shared Gift Boxes will not require a commission to send.

Premium Boxes
Arbitrary sending is disabled for Gift Boxes – instead, we implemented a system that requires users to send three Gift Boxes to unlock a special type of Gift Box – a Premium Box. The Premium Box contains Capys with rare attributes that are event-specific, not inheritable, and cannot be found anywhere else.

Dynamic fields (not to be mistaken for dynamic object fields) in the CapyPost object track how many GiftBox an individual account has sent. Once three GiftBox objects are sent, a PremiumTicket object is received, allowing the owner to purchase one PremiumBox. Additionally, dynamic fields help avoid storing all data in a single object and track user actions.

Capy Shop
Lastly, for Capy Accessories and Gifts, we’re excited to introduce the Shop concept. Unlike the Capy Market, where Capy and CapyItem were pre-minted, Shop mints new objects on purchase; and for every listing we could hypothetically set a limit on the quantity available for purchase (e.g. cap at 100 mints). For demonstration purposes, and a better user experience on Devnet, all Capy Accessories have infinite stock during the CapyHolidays event.

#CapyHolidays Contest

Mysten Labs and Sui Foundation are so excited to see what Capys you create over the next two weeks! Make sure to screenshot and share your favorite Capy and a fun backstory on Twitter with #CapyHolidays to be entered as part of the #CapyHolidays contest!

Contest prizes include limited edition Capy merch, SUI tokens and the ability to receive tokens as part of the SUI Token Community Access Program!

How to participate:

  • Share your favorite Capy on Twitter with the hashtag #CapyHolidays. Include a screenshot along with the Capy’s name and backstory. See example below:
Screenshot 2022-12-18 at 8.02.47 PM.png
  • The owners of the 20 most “Liked” Capys (and accompanying stories) under #CapyHolidays will be entered into a bracket contest that will begin on January 3. The community will then vote for their favorite Capys over two days – the owners of the five victorious Capys that receive the most community votes will receive special Capy merch and 1000 SUI tokens each. The remaining 15 runner-up bracket participants will receive 100 SUI tokens each.
  • The owners of the 10 Capys with the best name + backstory (as selected by the team behind Capys based on originality and creativeness while showcasing the technical capabilities of Capys) will also receive special Capy merch and 200 SUI tokens each.
  • Up to 100 players will be selected as honorable mentions and will also receive an invitation to participate in the SUI Token Community Access Program. See our SUI Token Community Access Program: FAQ here.
  • Please note that only non-US participants are eligible to win SUI tokens or invitations to the SUI Token Community Access Program. SUI tokens will only be awarded following a successful Mainnet launch of Sui network. Other terms and conditions apply, see below.

A Very Capy New Year

Mysten Labs and Sui Foundation hope current Capy players will be as excited as we are about the #CapyHolidays, and that new players get into the holiday spirit. We want to inspire developers with Sui Capys, showing them some of what’s possible on the Sui platform. The Sui Capys Github is available for developers to learn and build. We can’t wait to see the new apps you launch in the coming year!

And a very #CapyHolidays to you!

Contest Terms and Conditions

This #CapyHolidays contest is offered by Sui Foundation to residents of countries where such contests are allowed by the laws of those countries. To be eligible to participate in the contest you must be of the age of majority in your jurisdiction of residence. Employees and directors of Sui Foundation, its advertising and promotion agencies, the contest judges and its legal advisors, and the immediate family (parent, child, sibling, and spouse of each) or members of the households of such employees and directors are not eligible to participate in the contest. No purchase or payment of any consideration is necessary to enter the contest. By entering in the contest you agree to these terms. The contest is null and void in any jurisdiction where prohibited by law.

Eligibility for rewards are subject to applicable law, “know your customer,” and sanctions compliance requirements, and may be contingent upon providing certain identifying and related information about you and your organization. U.S. citizens and residents may participate in the contest solely to win limited edition Capy merchandise, but are ineligible to receive SUI tokens or invitations to the SUI Token Community Access Program. Any SUI tokens awarded will be subject to a one-year lockup period during which they may not be sold or otherwise transferred. We reserve the right to block any participant’s access to the contest or rewards.

Sui Foundation reserves the right in its sole discretion to terminate the contest in whole or in part at any time without prior notice. We may change or modify the amounts or types of rewards and/or discontinue, or terminate, temporarily or permanently, all or any part of the rewards program at any time and without notice, and we may remove or re-allocate any rewards earned by any participant or elect not to provide any rewards to any participant. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to disqualify any individual we find to be acting in violation of these terms, to be acting in an unethical or disruptive matter, or with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass any other person, as we determine in our sole discretion.

You are responsible for the payment of all taxes associated with your receipt of any rewards. You agree to provide us with any additional information and complete any required tax or other forms relating to your receipt of such rewards.