Copper Offers Custody, Staking for SUI

Copper's support for SUI gives institutional investors secure access and a variety of services.

Copper Offers Custody, Staking for SUI

Copper, a digital asset infrastructure company, will offer custody and staking solutions for Sui. The move provides a gateway for institutional and enterprise users who want to access SUI.

Copper's services, which focus on institutional investors, bridge the gap between traditional finance and digital assets. The company offers secure digital asset custody, offchain settlement services for cryptocurrencies, staking, and a DeFi stack, among other products. Founded in 2018, Copper provides custody services for over 50 blockchains and sees over $50 billion in monthly trading volume.

As a custodian for SUI, Copper now offers customers an infrastructure-integrated wallet service for cryptocurrency storage that seamlessly enables transactions between its end users and those of exchanges. 

The company is also in the process of expanding its SUI services to include staking and DeFi support. 

Copper's support for SUI gives its customers a streamlined path to engage with the most performant blockchain, which has seen extraordinary DeFi growth over the last year.

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