Dacade’s Peer Learning Platform Launches Sui Course

Learn to develop apps on Sui with Dacade's peer learning platform.

Dacade’s Peer Learning Platform Launches Sui Course

Dacade launched a Sui developer course, providing developers with an immersive journey into Move technology through a series of engaging challenges. Within this course, Dacade's educational materials guide users as they embark on building DeFi apps that harness Sui's powerful DeFi primitives, including DeepBook and zkLogin. Additionally, participants benefit from valuable feedback and suggestions from Dacade's network of peer learners, enhancing their learning experience and skill development.

Through this course, Dacade introduces its peer-to-peer learning network of over 16,000 community members to the Move programming language and the unique elements of developing on Sui. Moritz Stellmacher, co-founder of Dacade, said, "Sui opens new possibilities with its unique object-centric model, we can’t wait to see what our community does with it."

Get moving with Dacade

Dacade provides an extensive range of educational resources designed to empower developers in mastering Move for creating smart contract language on Sui. Through a curated suite of learning tools, such as tutorials, videos, and articles, developers acquire a comprehensive understanding of Sui's innovative technology, along with clear examples demonstrating how to integrate and leverage Sui primitives when building apps. With access to these resources, developers can gain the knowledge and proficiency required to effectively utilize Sui's innovative features.

Dacade’s developer projects

The project culminates in the development of an application that leverages DeepBook to tap into deep liquidity and integrates zkLogin for a seamless login experience. DeepBook, Sui's native liquidity layer, streamlines DeFi app development by providing direct access to extensive liquidity spanning across multiple DeFi apps. Incorporating zkLogin allows users the ability to effortlessly generate app-specific accounts managed by familiar Web2 logins like Google and Twitch. The knowledge gained from Dacade's course serves as a solid foundation for developing more sophisticated apps, including decentralized exchanges, lending protocols, digital asset marketplaces, and asset management platforms.

Incentives for learners 

Dacade employs a distinctive incentive model that emphasizes community building. Developers receive rewards not only for creating smart contracts but also for offering feedback on fellow users' projects. By incentivizing peer-to-peer learning and feedback, developers learning to build apps on Sui gain not just the knowledge to create an app but also insights from diverse perspectives. This dynamic not only enriches the learning journey but also fosters relationships among users.

Fostering future blockchain innovators

Despite being a relatively new language, Move programmers are in high demand, and Sui provides the optimal platform to harness this powerful language for constructing high-performance applications. Begin your journey developing on Sui with Dacade!