Seven Projects Receive Over $260K in Sui Grants

Grantees include social token platform, algorithmic market-making protocol, and native Swift SDK

Seven Projects Receive Over $260K in Sui Grants

Today, the Sui Foundation announces this month’s grantees who received over $260,000 for building projects to spur the adoption and advancement of Sui. To receive a grant, projects must submit a proposal detailing what they are building, a line item budget, key milestones, the team’s experience, and the expected contribution to the Sui community.

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The following seven projects work on products and services across social experiences, tooling, DeFi, and other core areas.

DOCit is a private Discord bot allowing users to “talk to your docs.” It supports multiple document sites, with evolving LLMs. The team will connect key Github repositories, documentation, related articles, and forum posts, providing users with a platform to ask questions and read responses in a natural language with support links.

Dunbar is building a Web3 social token platform, allowing influencers and creators to sell shares that allow the share owners to contact them. Each influencer can only ever sell 150 shares. The shares can be staked and traded, and there are penalties for inactivity.

Elixir Integration
Elixir is building the industry's first fully-decentralized, algorithmic market-making protocol via its purpose-built, cross-chain DPoS network. Elixir algorithmically deploys supplied liquidity onto order books, utilizing the equivalent of x*y=k curves to build liquidity and tighten the bid/ask spread.

TRAMConnect Wallet
TRAMConnect Wallet features a next-generation wallet solution, bolstered by HSM security and KMS solution of AWS. It offers a seamless, user-friendly interface and is easy to integrate by Wallet SDK and APIs. TRAMConnect Wallet accepts both QR Code scanning and NFC payments.

Move Lint
Move Lint is a static detection tool for Move. The tool takes a smart contract as input and can automatically discover potential security vulnerabilities in the contract and locate the codes which generate the vulnerabilities.

OasisX is an inclusive creative platform where creators and brands can launch rich and engaging digital experiences, leveraging NFTs, in a safe and secure environment.

OpenDive|Sui Swift SDK
Sui Swift SDK is a fully featured native Swift SDK that allows developers to build iOS applications that leverage the Sui blockchain. Create beautiful Apple experiences that leverage the power of secure enclaves (SECP256R1 keys), zkLogin, and more.