Dive into Sui Overflow: Sui’s First Global Hackathon

Join us at Sui Overflow to push the boundaries of what is possible in Web3.

Dive into Sui Overflow: Sui’s First Global Hackathon

Are you ready to be a part of the next wave of innovation? Gear up for Sui Overflow, Sui's first global hackathon, where the brightest minds converge to push the boundaries of what's possible on Sui. With seven compelling tracks to choose from, there's a path for every innovator at Sui Overflow. While registration opens on April 21st, we encourage you to begin building your project today!

Sui Overflow presents the largest hackathon reward pool ever for the Sui ecosystem. Compete for over $1 million USD in prizes as you showcase your work on a global stage.


Hackathon tracks

Sui Overflow offers a selection of four tracks for those building in a particular product category and three tracks that focus on leveraging Sui technology. Participants can submit a single project under both a product track and a Sui technology track that aligns with their project's goals. For example, a team building a DeFi project utilizing innovative Move features may submit their project under both the DeFi and Move tracks. 

Teams are encouraged to begin work on their projects before registration opens. Work that has occurred within 60 days prior to registration is eligible to be part of a hackathon project. If you’ve started building something after February 20, 2024 and think it is appropriate for the hackathon, you are welcome to continue building it and submit it for the hackathon.

From revolutionizing DeFi apps to creating immersive gaming experiences, anything is possible. Consider building new tools for developers, groundbreaking NFT functionality, or developing a mobile app where users don’t even know they’re using blockchain technology. Think outside the box and explore how you can leverage Sui’s unique features to shape the future of Web3.


DeFi on Sui is booming! Build the next generation of DeFi apps utilizing Sui’s unique architecture and powerful primitives, like Programmable Transaction Blocks. Whether it is yield aggregation, trading bot infrastructure, liquidity management dashboards, or something entirely different, we’re eager to see what you will build.


Excited about gaming? Join the Play Beyond revolution and see how Sui offers a drastically different Web3 gaming experience. Craft games or gaming-related tools that showcase what is possible on Sui with dynamic NFTs, zkLogin integration, and more. When it comes to gaming, the options are endless – whether it's casual mini-games, racing epics, or platformer adventures, there's plenty of room to unleash your creativity and #playbeyond the ordinary.

Consumer and Mobile

Empower the next generation of users to embrace Web3. Leverage Sui's unique features to simplify blockchain usage in consumer apps, whether it's social media, e-commerce, mobile payments, productivity tools, health and fitness, food delivery, marketplaces, video streaming, or freelancing. Leveraging Sui primitives such as zkLogin and sponsored transactions, developers can create best-in-class user experiences. Join us in shaping the future of consumer-facing apps on Sui.

Infra and Tooling

Fuel the Sui ecosystem and supercharge Sui developer productivity with new tools and infrastructure. From no-code asset creation platforms to DAO tooling, the power is yours to equip builders and streamline development on Sui. Develop web IDEs, useful CLIs, or even end-to-end app testing tools. Build the foundations for a thriving ecosystem and leave your mark on Sui's infrastructure and tools.


Calling all Move wizards! Show off your prowess by crafting clever design patterns, contributing useful libraries, or developing novel apps leveraging Move's composability superpowers. Take the path of developing apps utilizing powerful features specific to Move on Sui like transfer to object, or delve into creating new tools for testing and hardening Move code, or even those that enhance the quality of life for Move developers. Whether you're a seasoned expert or a newcomer to Move, there's ample opportunity to showcase your creativity and innovation.


Participants who are seeking to add a splash of randomness into the ecosystem are encouraged to create libraries that build powerful new utilities, algorithms, or data structures on top of Sui’s Move random module. Whether it's for DeFi, gaming, games of chance (e.g. fortune tellers, horoscope, lottery, random number generators) or something entirely unique, explore the myriad possibilities of leveraging randomness to enhance engagement, fun, and security on Sui.


Unlock seamless experiences with zkLogin and develop apps that utilize zkLogin in new and exciting ways. Whether it's creating interoperability tools (e.g., a portal that allows users to keep track of all their zkLogin addresses and provide a wallet-like view of all owned objects) or using zkLogin and zkSend in traditional Web2 apps, all new uses of zkLogin are welcome. Explore the untapped potential of zkLogin and help revolutionize blockchain user experiences.

Ecosystem Bounties

Outside of the seven tracks listed above, Sui Overflow will also feature a plethora of bounties created and sponsored by existing Sui ecosystem projects that encourage participants to build upon those projects and leverage composability within Sui. Ecosystem bounties will feature their own prize pools and have their own requirements; hackathon teams can potentially qualify for both track prizes and ecosystem bounties with one submission. 

More details will be released on ecosystem bounties closer to the registration opening date. 

Road to Sui Overflow

Begin the Road to Sui Overflow with our workshop series and in-person events tailored to equip developers for the hackathon. Hosted by expert engineers, these online sessions delve deep into the intricacies of Sui technology, offering valuable insights and practical guidance. Whether you’re a seasoned Move developer seeking updates or a newcomer eager to explore the potential of Sui, these workshops will provide an invaluable learning experience to sharpen your skills and deepen your understanding.

Stay updated with the latest on the Road to Sui Overflow by regularly checking on the Road to Sui notion page and following along in the Sui Overflow Discord server.

Basecamp Pitch and Polish session

Join us at Sui Basecamp for an opportunity to refine your Sui Overflow hackathon project at the Basecamp Pitch and Polish session. Whether you’re in the ideation phase or fine-tuning your MVP, this session offers a supportive and collaborative environment to perfect your project. 

While participation is fully optional and not required for Sui Overflow participants, those that are available are encouraged to take advantage of this valuable opportunity. Secure your spot as time slots are limited and allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis. Don’t miss this chance to polish your pitch and increase the impact of your project.

Start hacking now and stay in the loop

Devs can start building now for Sui Overflow. For those who plan to participate in the Sui Overflow Hackathon, make sure to pre-register and sign up for updates with your email at the Sui Overflow website, and join the dedicated Sui Overflow Discord server. Here, you can connect with potential teammates, brainstorm ideas, stay up-to-date, and get tips on how to win, all while having any of your questions answered promptly. 

Official registration opens on April 21st but we encourage you to start building today! 

Join us at Sui Overflow and let your creativity surge!

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