Learning Sui is Just a Module Away With EasyA

EasyA's new mobile learning modules give a quick and entertaining way to learn Sui.

Learning Sui is Just a Module Away With EasyA

The Sui Foundation launched a new collaboration with EasyA to develop a Sui course for beginner builders. This new mobile learning experience for Android and iOS serves as a gateway to the broader Sui community and ecosystem. In the Sui course, builders will gain a foundational understanding of Sui in a fun and interactive way - even going so far as deploying their own smart contracts live on testnet by the end.

The course takes users from discovering the why behind Sui to building on-chain, and emphasizes Sui’s differentiating features, such as zkLogin, horizontal scaling, and its unique approach to data storage.

“With the brand new Sui challenges in the EasyA app, for the first time builders will go from knowing nothing about Sui all the way to deploying their very own smart contracts live on Sui Testnet, right from their mobile phones," said Phil Kwok, Co-Founder of EasyA. "We’ve worked with the thriving Sui ecosystem community, with partners like DeSuiLabs and Ethos, to launch a developer journey like no other. In less than a week, we’ve already had almost a thousand builders start learning about Sui in the EasyA app."

Rather than pedantic courseware, users will be drawn through an experience involving Mysten Labs' five founders, the initial contributors to Sui, referred to in the app as the Fantastic 5: Adeniyi Abiodun, Kostas Chalkias, Evan Cheng, George Danezis, and Sam Blackshear. The Fantastic Five's journey introduces users to technical and big picture ideas concerning Sui and Move on Sui.

game image showing five figures surfing
EasyA makes a story out of learning Sui by having users follow the Fantastic Five's journey.

EasyA will release a new module every Friday over six weeks, covering the following topics:

  • Why Sui
  • Understanding the Sui blockchain
  • How Sui works
  • Building popular Sui games
  • Connecting the frontend
  • Deploying our smart contract

As real-world examples, the course will use Sui games such as 8192 and Coin Flip as part of the hands-on learning experience.

As part of the Sui Foundation's mission, it is dedicated to educating a new generation of builders to develop on the Sui network. New courses and educational collaborations in the near future will create opportunities for people around the world to discover Sui.

Learn Sui by getting the EasyA app for Android or iPhone today.