Announcing Sui Education Grant Recipients

Sui Education Grants support teams and programs helping to onboard new developers to Sui.

Announcing Sui Education Grant Recipients

Today we are thrilled to announce the first cohort of Sui Education Grants. The grants program is designed to support builders interested in educating the next generation of innovators. In this round, nine teams received over $300K in grants. Selected proposals include the development of bootcamps, courses, gamified learning quests, developer educational tools, and technical workshops.

The Sui Education Grants process is open for applications. Grant recipients must complete a KYC process and receive funds based on progress made towards milestones.

Learn about the grantees:

  • EasyA: Often referred to as Duolingo for Web3 developers, EasyA makes it easy for developers to learn about Sui and Move on Sui using their mobile application. The course will be launched at the end of September.
  • GPTutor: The team behind Bucket Protocol is building a VS Code Extension supercharged by ChatGPT's AI. This extension enables developers to better understand code and logic within smart contracts.
  • MoveCastle: ChainIDE is building a gamified education platform known as MoveCastle. This gamified platform immerses developers in an interactive learning experience allowing developers to master Move on Sui. Through interactive gameplay, developers will be able to grasp the intricacies of Move’s unique syntax and smart contract design principles.
  • MoveFuns DAO: MoveFuns DAO team is actively hosting workshops and learning sessions in China.
  • Nativo Ventures: The team will host several Sui bootcamps catered to Spanish-speaking developers across universities in Central and South America.
  • Patika: Patika, a dedicated edtech company, is renowned for its cohort-based training and talent acquisition initiatives. With a substantial developer community in Turkey, Patika is crafting a tailored learning pathway for them to delve deeper into Sui.
  • StackUp: Angel Hack is creating learn-to-earn opportunities for developers on their StackUp platform. They’ll create different quests to onboard more developers into the ecosystem and offer opportunities to keep developers engaged.
  • Web3Lab: The team hosts monthly MoveTalk events in Vietnam, creating more content for Vietnamese-speaking builders, and organizes invaluable learning opportunities.
  • WELLDONE Studio: The skilled team behind WELLDONE Studio will develop a course specifically tailored to Korean-speaking developers interested in building on the Sui platform. The course just launched and can be taken here.

Organizations and individuals working on projects that educate the community about building on Sui are encouraged to apply to the Sui Education Grants program. The Sui Foundation’s mission is to onboard the next billion users to Web3 by advancing the global adoption of the Sui blockchain.