Eleven Teams Receive an Aggregate of Almost $1M USD in Grants

The Sui Foundation is proud to announce the recipients of our third round of grants to projects that contribute to the Sui ecosystem.

Eleven Teams Receive an Aggregate of Almost $1M USD in Grants

Today we announce eleven awardees of Sui Foundation Grants, created to support projects built natively on Sui. These teams join 22 previous awardees who are all building projects to advance the use and adoption of the Sui network. In the past year, over $1.6 million has been awarded in three rounds of grants.

Applications for grants are accepted on a rolling basis. This current group of grantees was selected from applications sent prior to 22 April 2023. Any projects sent since then are currently under review.

All builders in the Sui community are encouraged to apply for a grant. The grant program is looking to support projects which are building open source, have a strong ability to execute, and uniquely contribute to the Sui ecosystem.

Learn more about the awardees.


BlockVision has built a data-driven explorer, SuiVision, that transforms the way users access and analyze real-time data on the Sui network. Some of its unique features include the ability to analyze historical data and view transaction lists related to specified Packages and Coins.


HolaSui provides tools for builders to gamify experiences on the Sui network. Its unique Quest system allows users to accumulate points by completing tasks and testing features of new projects.


KSui offers a robust Kotlin Multiplatform library for client interaction with a Sui full node. It has cross-platform support (Web, Android, Native, JVM) with iOS coming soon.

Lotus Galaxy

Lotus Galaxy focuses on NFTs and NFT tooling including NFT ownership and metadata APIs, a content delivery network, and the IPFS/Arweave gateways needed to power our markets. They also provide mechanisms for off-chain NFT and token rewards for Web3 enabled gaming.

The Move Dev

The Move Dev is developing a collection of open-source APIs and tools, including a GraphQL API and UI for its indexer, that facilitate the rapid and efficient development of applications on the Sui network.

Orange Comet

Orange Comet creates immersive Web3-enabled games that allow players to truly own their in-game assets.

Pyth Network

Pyth connects high-fidelity market data from the world’s largest professional traders and exchanges to smart contracts.


Sentio offers builders the ability to monitor, analyze, and diagnose their apps in one unified place.


Somis.xyz is a NFT platform for builders and traders. Somis Studio allows businesses and creatives to easily create and customize NFTs. Their NFT aggregator has trading features such as batch buying, collection floor sweeping, trait-based filtering, NFT sniping, and floor price candlestick graphs.


Suia is a social app that allows users to collect NFTs to commemorate achievements, events, and experiences.


Huracan is a low-latency, high-throughput ETL worker and GraphQL server for Sui objects. In-depth queries, enriched object data, and real-time subscriptions to changes.

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