Sui Hackathon Winners Build On-Chain Item Verification and an Improved Dutch Auction

Students from across Europe submitted a variety of projects showing Sui's potential over the weekend of October 21 to 22.

Sui Hackathon Winners Build On-Chain Item Verification and an Improved Dutch Auction

Winners of the Blockchain Student Association x Sui Hackathon built projects geared towards onboarding new users and bridging the gap between blockchain technology and material assets. These new projects show the promise and flexibility of Sui, and how it can solve real world problems.

Over 100 students from more than 13 universities across Europe participated in the hackathon, which was held the weekend of October 21 to 22, 2023 at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). Judges selected four winners and two honorable mentions from the submissions.


1st place: SuiSeal

SuiSeal is a mobile application that empowers buyers and sellers to verify item authenticity using NFC tags registered on the Sui blockchain. 

University: TUM

2nd place: WabkaDEX

Wabka, a DEX built for mass adoption, lets anyone easily start trading tokens on Sui. It leverages zkLogin, sponsored transactions, and time-weighted average market making. 

University: EPFL

3rd place: Trustlink

The Trustlink drag-and-drop smart contract builder makes it easier and faster to build contracts secured and automated on Sui.

University: EPFL and University of Milan

4th place: Sui Dutch Auction

Dutch Auction is infrastructure designed to let creators spread NFT mints over time by allowing for variable minting prices. This method better positions creators to increase their initial sale prices.

University: ETH Zurich

Honorable mentions

DeFraud: This app helps navigate fraudulent payment claims for credit card companies, benefiting both customers and banks by reducing the time and cost required to process claims.

University:  ESILV Paris

LegID: This service, built for companies such as eBay and Amazon, verifies the authenticity of luxury items through on-chain certificates hosted on Sui.

University:  Imperial College London

Congratulations to all of the winning teams and thanks to all participants, the Blockchain Student Association, and EPFL. Stay tuned for more upcoming Sui hackathons.