Full Node and Validator Selection Announcement

The Sui community has come to life! We have received 28,000 validator applications from more than 80 countries. We could not be more excited to see this level of engagement!

Full Node and Validator Selection Announcement

The Sui testnet’s core goal is to help mature and develop our network so that we can ultimately provide the layer 1 infrastructure necessary to onboard the next generation of web 3 users. We are eager and honored to have as many of you as possible partake in this journey with us.

For this first wave, we have far more qualified validator applicants than we can reasonably support while ensuring a productive experience across both our engineering team and participants. In light of this, we have decided to admit a pool of 500 Suinodes (Sui fullnode operators) effectively creating an opportunity to support 5x the original target of 100. Why did we make this change? The community has spoken and told us that more voices are better than fewer, and we listened.

How Will This Happen:

Each fullnode operator will be asked to maintain a Sui fullnode throughout testnet, and will be automatically added to the pool of potential validators for our subsequent waves.

What We’re Looking For:

Having a successful incentivized testnet is crucial to Sui’s future. Support from the most experienced members of the community are necessary to make Sui the robust platform it needs to become to bring in the next billion users. As such, participants will be selected on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Geographic diversity–we want a truly decentralized chain!
  • Diversity of infrastructure–more than just the big names.
  • Community leadership, cloud diversity, and engagement–we need help from those in the community who can also support others.
  • Level of experience - running a validator at scale is hard and we need tough feedback from experienced operators.

What To Expect:

Each fullnode operator we select will be rewarded with 200 SUI per wave. Each validator we select will be rewarded with 2000 SUI. SUI token rewards will only be provided following the Mainnet launch of the Sui protocol, and will be subject to a one-year lockup period. SUI recipients must complete our KYC process prior to receiving token rewards.

We will be re-opening registration after we’ve learned more about what our chain needs with refined criteria. If you haven’t been selected to join this wave you will receive an email by the end of this week and will be welcome to apply again when registration re-opens.