$285K USD Awarded to Sui x KuCoin Labs Hackathon Winners

Shortlisted teams presented their projects during the Sui Builder House in Paris

$285K USD Awarded to Sui x KuCoin Labs Hackathon Winners

Thirty teams have been awarded a prize for their participation in Sui x KuCoin Labs Summer Hackathon. Projects were submitted between May 29 and July 5, with a final demo day of shortlisted projects on July 19th in Paris. Demoing teams had seven minutes to present their projects and answer questions, in person or virtually, to a panel of judges as well as the assembled Sui community. A portion of the presentations are available to watch on YouTube.

Winning projects are either new projects on Sui or established projects that have implemented a well-defined new feature or redesign within the hackathon period. Features implemented before the hackathon period were not considered during judging.

And the winners are…

Best Overall

Gold (Tie)

Desig Protocol, a blockchain-agnostic multisig solution powered by multi-party computation (MPC)/ Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS) and zero-knowledge (ZK) technology

Torai Money, a ZK-powered liquidity layer built on Sui


Lit Suiet, a seedless wallet and SDK for Sui

Bronze (Tie)

Scallop, a money market for the Sui ecosystem that emphasized institutional-grade quality, composability, and security

Bucket Protocol, a Collateralized Debt Position (CDP) protocol built on SUI that enhances fund efficiency

DeFi and Payments

Gold (Tie)

Typus Finance, a real yield infrastructure that integrated DeFi Option Vaults with DeFi protocols

NAVI Protocol, a one-stop liquidity protocol on Sui along with lending/borrowing DeFi infrastructure supporting the Move-based ecosystem

Silver (Tie)

Haedal Protocol, a liquid staking protocol for anyone to stake SUI

Vimverse, an enhanced decentralized reserve currency protocol, harnessing the power of Uniswap V3


Interest Protocol, a one-stop DeFi platform for users to swap, lend and earn

Infrastructure and Tooling


SuiVision, a data driven and user friendly explorer built for the Sui community


Scaf, a framework to develop, test, and deploy Sui smart contracts


Surf, a smart contract wallet that allows users to pay with crypto

Gaming and AIGC


Shall We MOVE, a blackjack game built on Sui


STACKAAR with Keepsake, an augmented reality universe where robots discover tools and weapons, overcome obstacles, and duel other robots

Bronze (Tie)

Bushi, a fast paced third-person competitive shooter game built in Unreal Engine

Legend of Arcadia, a multi-chain free-to-play and play-to-earn casual strategy card game

NFT, Social, and DAO


HolaSui!, a DAO constructor that enables unique DAO and SubDAO creation while also providing staking services and NFT peer-to-peer swaps.


Somis.xyz, an NFT marketplace and aggregator for builders and traders


Releap, a decentralized social graph where users fully own their content

Community Favorites

ABEx, a pioneering on-chain derivatives & swap protocol

Allsto, helps SMEs receive payments faster, cheaper, and in a more standardized manner

Blockbolt, a decentralized payment protocol

Brickin, an NFT DEX

DegenHive, a DeFi powered meta-hive

FlowX Finance, a DeFi layer & gateway for Sui projects

Lagoon, a proactive market maker DEX

Mole, a DeFi protocol providing leveraged yield farms and asset management funds

Study U&I, explains Sui-specific features through games

Zqualizer, a platform for yield farming using delta of derivatives