How to get a SuiNS Name

Walk through the steps to purchase and register SuiNS names.

How to get a SuiNS Name

Similar to the Domain Name Service on the Internet, SuiNS translates a complex identifier into a human-readable form. However, a SuiNS name is something more than a website address. It serves as an identity, akin to an email address. People with a SuiNS name can use it as their online address on Sui, personalizing it with an NFT-based avatar and, yes, even a website in the form of IPFS pages. 

Prerequisites to purchasing

Before you get started on the journey towards obtaining a SuiNS name, there are a few simple prerequisites. The first is that you have a Sui wallet installed and a Sui account set up.

The second is to fund your wallet with SUI tokens either from a centralized exchange, such as Binance, Coinbase, or Gemini, or any on-ramp that fits your needs. 

Finally, ensure that you are aware of best practices when interacting with any blockchain-related services such as exchanges, wallets, and apps. 

Obtaining a SuiNS name

Because SuiNS names are represented as NFT objects, they can be transferred like any other NFT on Sui and can be traded on marketplaces. Here we are only focusing on purchasing SuiNS names from the SuiNS website itself.

Step 1: Search for a SuiNS name to purchase

When searching for SuiNS names, you can check the availability via the status displayed beneath the name. If an item is available, it will show a listed price and an option to begin registration; if it's taken, you'll only have the option to view information about the SuiNS. Upon finding an available SuiNS name you wish to purchase, simply click the start button to proceed.

The SuiNS search function lets you find an available name to register.

Step 2: Register SuiNS name

When acquiring a SuiNS directly from the SuiNS website, users have the option to choose the registration duration, ranging from one to five years, with the total price adjusting accordingly. Following this, users can designate the SuiNS as their default, enabling reverse lookup of the associated account through this chosen name.

The SuiNS registration form lets you select a duration up to five years, making it easy to retain control of your name.

Step 3: Complete purchase

Upon choosing to register a name, users are directed to sign and submit a transaction to finalize the purchase, registration, and optionally, set the SuiNS as default. Once this process is completed, the SuiNS becomes owned, registered, and ready for use. Users can further inspect the SuiNS objects through explorers like Suiscan or SuiVision.

After the transaction is approved, the request to purchase and register the SuiNS name will be processed by the network.

Pricing, renews, and defaults

SuiNS names are priced based on the character count and are categorized into three groups: names with five or more characters, names with four characters, and the most exclusive group with only three characters. The pricing structure increases as the character count decreases, reflecting the limited supply of names with fewer characters.The total purchase price is calculated by multiplying the SuiNS name price per year by the registration duration, plus applicable gas fees.

When acquiring a SuiNS name, users choose a registration period. At the end of this period, users must decide whether to renew to retain the name or allow it to unregister, returning it to the SuiNS website marketplace for anyone to purchase. It may be worth setting a personal reminder towards the end of a SuiNS registration period.

Users have the freedom to own and register numerous SuiNS names, but only one can serve as the account's default. When sending tokens or using any registered SuiNS name, they will be deposited into the registering account, yet apps will primarily recognize the default SuiNS name associated with the account. For instance, if a user possesses multiple SuiNS names and sets "abcdef.sui" as default, apps like wallets will utilize this name to identify the account.

Although you can have multiple SuiNS names attached to a wallet address, the default name is what will appear in apps.

With name in hand

SuiNS names not only revolutionize user interactions within the Sui ecosystem by providing human-readable identifiers for Sui accounts, but also enable users to establish a distinct identity on Sui. By simplifying the process of obtaining and managing these names, SuiNS offers a streamlined experience suitable for users of all levels, making it accessible even to newcomers to blockchain interactions. As the SuiNS protocol evolves, future improvements promise greater functionality, unlocking unique use cases and features within Sui apps.