Hub71 Introduces Sui to the UAE

Hub71's new Sui incubator brings Web3 projects to the United Arab Emirates.

Hub71 Introduces Sui to the UAE

Technology incubator Hub71, based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), partnered with Mysten Labs to support new projects on Sui. The partnership gives builders accepted to the incubator access to Mysten Labs' technical expertise and support, and Hub71's mentorship, resources, and global network of connections.

Building a successful app not only takes considerable development time, reaching a user base and encouraging them to onboard takes unique skills. Sui includes native account abstraction tools, such as zkLogin and sponsored transactions, that support onboarding, but potential users first must become aware of the project.

With roots in Abu Dhabi, the UAE's capital, and a large investment base, Hub71 supports over 260 startups. The company recognized the potential for projects built on Sui to become the next global technology powerhouses, helping them grow through guidance and investment.

Connecting Abu Dhabi

As part of the initial effort, Hub71 is introducing founding Sui projects to its network during Abu Dhabi Finance Week, running from November 27 to 30, 2023. Builders from three projects, Shinami, SuperFine, and Worlds Beyond, will meet potential investors and demonstrate their value. These projects represent the founding cohort for its Sui incubator.

Mysten Labs's Co-founder Adeniyi Abiodun takes the stage during Abu Dhabi Finance Week to talk about decentralized finance on Sui.

Sui will maintain a booth during the event, spreading awareness about Sui's innovative technology to UAE and regional investors and institutions. Visitors will learn about the advantages of Sui's decentralized network and how projects can use it to attain global reach.

Specific Sui-focused events at Abu Dhabi Finance Week include:

  • Sui Founder Hub71 Experience: An immersive program designed to introduce selected founders of top-tier projects building on Sui to the dynamic technology ecosystem of Abu Dhabi.
  • Fireside chat: A discussion covering the future of Web3 and digital assets hosted by Hub71 and featuring Mysten Labs's Co-founder and Chief Product Officer Adeniyi Abiodun.
  • Specialized workshop: A learning session on zero knowledge hosted by Mysten Labs's Co-founder and Chief Cryptographer Kostas Chalkias.

Through this partnership, Hub71 intends to evolve the UAE's Web3 landscape, nurturing top-tier projects on Sui and providing Sui builders resources and access from various stakeholders within Hub71’s network.

Global reach, local impact

Sui offers global reach and the ability to run apps with real-world uses, such as ticketing and inventory services. Regional and local entities can support projects that will make a difference in their communities. Hub71 recognizes Sui's potential impact by supporting its introduction to the UAE.