Sui Foundation's Grant Awardees: January-February Edition

Announcing the first cohort of grant awardees in 2024.

Sui Foundation's Grant Awardees: January-February Edition

The Sui Foundation is pleased to unveil the January and February grant recipients. Over these two months twelve projects have been awarded grants for initiatives that accelerate the integration and progression of Sui.

Out of the twelve projects awarded grants in this round, eight projects focus on creating better developer experiences, from developing a powerful integrated development environment (IDE) to using zero-knowledge proofs for safeguarding user information. 

Sui Dart SDK by Mofa Labs

The open source Sui Dart SDK enables development of apps for mobile, desktop, and web using the Dart programming language, which is built specifically for cross-platform development. The Sui Dart SDK offers a new avenue for development of apps that benefit from operating on multiple platforms.


zkLogin is presently available solely through a TypeScript SDK, constraining its application primarily to TypeScript and JavaScript apps and wallets. ZeroAuth bridges this gap by offering a comprehensive suite of SDKs that maintain a consistent API across multiple platforms, allowing developers to seamlessly integrate zkLogin into their products.

Move Web IDE by MoveBit 

A web-based IDE, providing a convenient programming environment with long-term technical support, is critical to the evolution of the Sui developer experience. MoveBit is developing a powerful web-based IDE for the Move ecosystem comparable to Remix, the popular Solidity IDE.

Sui Kiosk Indexer by Venture23 

Venture23’s Sui Kiosk Indexer systematically organizes Kiosk data, making it significantly simpler to parse through data related to Kiosks. By providing an API to easily access Kiosk-related data, the Sui Kiosk Indexer supports growth and usage of Sui Kiosk.


Nimbus is a personalized portfolio tracker that aggregates portfolio data from multiple platforms, including onchain apps and centralized exchanges, creating a landing page for Sui users to easily track their assets and DeFi allocations. Nimbus aims to provide users with greater insights by developing and displaying metrics and indicators specific to the Sui DeFi ecosystem.

SuiMove Linter

A linter is a tool used to analyze source code, identifying programming errors, bugs, and stylistic errors. The SuiMove Linter is specifically designed for Move source code, offering app builders on Sui the flexibility to execute these new linter rules as needed.

Automated Liquidity Provider Rebalancing by Turbos Finance 

The intricacies of providing liquidity manually and concerns about impermanent loss during market fluctuations discourage many users from acting as liquidity providers (LP). Turbos Finance is developing crucial features to enhance the LP experience with auto-rebalancing and auto-swapping for dollar cost averaging mechanisms.


Suilette is a decentralized lottery protocol which funds other Sui-related services, events, grants, and prize pools to support the Sui community.

Anti-Cheat System by FranklinDAO Research 

FranklinDAO Research's anti-cheat system for games leverages self-learning abilities to modify parameters after hacks or exploits occur, preventing recurrence in the future. For example, this system will be used to define and enforce sample fairness invariants, such as no item duplication in a game.


The Reclaim Protocol makes https traffic verifiable using zero-knowledge proofs, letting users generate verifiable credentials from any of their online user profiles. Web2 user data, which was elusive to Web3 until now, will be available across apps on Sui. This opens up opportunities for a new wave of applications in privacy, sybil resistance, proof of personhood, and know your company mechanisms.


FRNZY's peer-to-peer marketplace for interactive live shopping of physical goods supports user-initiated auctions. 


This SDK helps game developers establish in-game marketplaces, letting their players buy in-game assets from Web3 marketplaces using methods that users are familiar with from Web2 games.

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