Let's Move Sui Helps Developers who want to Move on Sui

Those wanting to learn Move programming now have a fun and intuitive option with the launch of Let's Move Sui!

Let's Move Sui Helps Developers who want to Move on Sui

Let's Move Sui, a new interactive learning platform, teaches you how to build on Sui with the help of SuiFrens. Designed for both new and experienced developers, Let's Move Sui offers an extraordinary journey into the world of Sui development, leveraging the unique aspects of Move on Sui, from the fundamentals of the object-based data model to powerful tools like Programmable Transaction Blocks, Composable NFTs and the Kiosk Standard.

Learners are introduced to Move concepts through interacting with SuiFrens.

Empowering developers from the ground up

Let's Move Sui caters to a wide array of learners – from those taking their first steps towards blockchain development to seasoned blockchain developers exploring to the Sui ecosystem. With its user-friendly interface and character-driven learning exercises, Let's Move Sui makes learning the Move programming language intuitive, simple, and interactive. Throughout the course users will learn how Move works on Sui by manipulating SuiFrens with changes directly to the source code, corresponding to actions like power upgrades, SuiFren evolution, wrapping SuiFrens into boxes, and breeding new SuiFren types. Let's Move Sui courses showcase the power composability on Sui while leveraging the unique tools developers have access to on Sui.

In the composable NFTs quiz, learners is tasked with changing the SuiFren’s attire by altering Move source code.

A comprehensive curriculum for all skill levels

The curriculum is meticulously structured to cover the spectrum of Move development. Starting with the fundamentals, learners navigate through intermediate topics, and onto advanced concepts involving Sui’s unique features such as sponsored transactions, Sui Kiosk, and composable objects. Each module provides immediate feedback through a code editor, reinforcing learning through practice after each module. 

Become a Sui builder

Whether you're a computer science student, a developer looking to transition into blockchain, or an existing blockchain developer curious about Move, Let's Move Sui is your gateway to mastering Move and unleashing your potential to innovate within the Sui ecosystem.

If you are a project founder building on Sui and want to onboard new developers, Let's Move Sui is the perfect bridge for new technical hires new to the ecosystem and Move.

Dive into Let's Move Sui today and be part of shaping the onchain future! Together, let's build a more open, innovative, and interconnected Sui community.

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