Sui Foundation's Grant Awardees: March-April Edition

Announcing the second cohort of grant awardees in 2024.

Sui Foundation's Grant Awardees: March-April Edition

The Sui Foundation is pleased to unveil its March and April grant recipients. Over these two months, 10 projects have been awarded grants for initiatives that accelerate Sui's integration and progression.

Out of the 10 projects awarded grants in this round, eight focus on creating better developer experiences, from developing a powerful integrated development environment (IDE) to using zero-knowledge proofs to safeguard user information.


Alphaday offers blockchain experience dashboards for enthusiasts, developers, and builders. Users can create their own customized dashboards simply utilizing information and data from various services including news and social feeds, price charts, and other apps to create daily workflows in an easy to use way.


Birdeye is a blockchain data aggregator tailored for traders, providing comprehensive insights and data analysis to enhance trading strategies. By offering a range of functionalities, such as transaction tracking, various bots, and APIs, Birdeye empowers traders with insights for making well-informed decisions.


Hydro is a Web3 content monetization tool for websites and apps, promoting an ad-free internet. Hydro allows content publishers to fully monetise time spent on their content, reducing reliance on ads, while offering their audience a richer online experience enhancing both user retention and publisher revenue.


JumboShrimps offers a no-loss prize pool staking platform, providing users with a unique way to stake and win without risking their principal investment. Leveraging the power of liquid staking on Sui, JumboShrimps allows users to put their staked SUI to work. 

Jump Trade

Jump Trade is building an opinion-based trading platform that operates as a centralized custodian prediction market, allowing users to speculate on the outcomes of real-world events. Leveraging unique characteristics of dynamic NFTs on Sui, Jump Trade is building functionality unique to prediction markets.

Pugs That Fud by Studio Mirai

Pugs That Fud is an upcoming learn-to-earn platform leveraging unique features of dynamic NFTs on Sui. Pugs That Fud will be a dynamic profile picture NFT project that features 3D Pug NFTs (also called “pugshots”) with traits inspired by the Sui community. Pug owners will be able to participate in engaging onchain exams designed to further their knowledge about Sui-related topics and earn prizes.

S3.Money by Pravica 

Stablecoin Studio on Sui, otherwise known as S3.Money, is an open-source SDK designed to simplify the process of issuing stablecoins on Sui. S3.Money provides a comprehensive toolkit for stablecoin issuers to deploy apps, oversee operations, and manage stablecoins using a GUI web application and/or SDK, eliminating the need of building smart contracts.

Spark Payments

Spark Payments is building a payments orchestration platform that lets teams build their ideal payments flow, facilitating seamless and secure transactions for businesses. With Spark Payments, apps on any blockchain will be able to accept SUI as payment, while apps on Sui will be able to offer additional payment options including fiat and other popular cryptocurrencies.


SWAYE is building a suite of tools to help onboard users to Web3, particularly within the gaming industry. With onboarding automation technology combining account abstraction, Telegram's API, AI for natural language processing, machine learning, and Sui technology SWAYE serves as a helper and automates onboarding users to Sui games.

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We welcome all projects that provide long-term utility and contribute to the growth of the Sui ecosystem to apply for grants. To qualify for funding, project applicants are required to submit comprehensive proposals outlining their plans, a detailed budget breakdown, crucial milestones, team expertise, and anticipated impact on the Sui community.

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