Mesh Onboards SUI, Simplifying Token Transfers

The addition of SUI to Mesh lets builders include simplified token swap mechanisms in their apps.

Mesh Onboards SUI, Simplifying Token Transfers

Mesh, an embedded finance company enabling seamless cryptocurrency transfers, now supports SUI. With over 300 exchanges and wallets integrated into its technology, users can now easily transfer their SUI to and from popular wallets and exchanges, including Coinbase and Binance. 

Mesh's technology, which overcomes traditional Web3 user pain points when transferring tokens, dovetails with Sui's focus on making the blockchain easier to use through products such as zkLogin and sponsored transactions. Both Mesh and Sui preserve security while giving users a seamless experience.

Mesh technology makes it very simple to transfer SUI and other cryptocurrency between wallets and exchanges.

Through Mesh's core products, such as Mesh Ramp and Mesh Deposit, users can instantly transfer and buy SUI through their wallets and existing exchange accounts. The technology makes extensive know-your-customer processes and copying addresses unnecessary.

Onboarding SUI to its platform lets wallet makers integrate Mesh technology, enabling its seamless token transfers. Preserving security, the Mesh platform does not touch assets nor does it store any user personal identifiable information. 

Builders interested in integrating Mesh's technology can get started through its documentation

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