New Cohort Receives Over $500K in Sui Foundation Grants

Awarded to projects across DeFi, gaming, education, and tooling

New Cohort Receives Over $500K in Sui Foundation Grants

Today the Sui Foundation announces this month’s cohort of grantees who received over $500k for building projects to spur the adoption and advancement of Sui. To receive a grant, projects must submit a proposal detailing what they are building, a line item budget, key milestones, the team’s experience, and the expected contribution to the Sui community.

The following eight projects work on products and services across education, tooling, gaming, DeFi, and other core areas.

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KriyaDEX is building a suite of DeFi products for institutions: spot trading (via native AMM as well as DeepBook), a cross protocol router, and an in-app bridge. Currently, Kriya offers a cross-margined perpetuals and options DEX in addition to being an on-chain block trading platform.

SuiAutoChess is a fully on-chain PVP auto-battler game that allows players to play-to-earn. Players can randomly match with an opponent in the pools on-chain to fight. Every operation and fight is verified on-chain. The project will combine NFT projects in the Sui community with game heroes to boost the circulation value of NFT in other projects.

Verification API by Welldone Studio
Welldone Studio is building an API that verifies the written code of packages deployed on Sui and checks the latest status information of other packages it depends on.

Fluidity Money
Fluidity is the blockchain incentive layer, encouraging app and base level protocol adopted by rewarding on-chain transactions with yield with a randomized reward. It includes a feature called Utility Mining, an alternative to Liquidity Mining, that rewards ordinary protocol use through governance token distribution to users who use the application.

Legato is a protocol for trading future yield for staking assets on Sui by locking yield-bearing tokens in a vault and receiving derivative tokens that represent the future value of the locked assets.

MPay is an asset streaming protocol that supports token vesting, payroll, and rewards to DAOs and crypto-native businesses worldwide.

SuiVision DeFi (Coin + NFT)
The Blockvision team is exploring the development of a dedicated DeFi & Coin & NFT portfolio and historical activity tracker. This tracker product would showcase detailed position information of ecosystem apps, along with a real-time feed to display protocol-level historical activity data.

Beginners Fullstack Guide by Matthew Jurenka
Matthew is building a video and article series taking new developers from 0-1. Developers will learn how to setup their environment and build Sui Place using tools such as Shinami Gas Station, Indexers, and React. View the videos here.