BRICK POP Demonstrates Fun Onchain Gameplay with Rewards

Take a look into how we built BRICK POP, and how Sui can revolutionize onchain gaming.

BRICK POP Demonstrates Fun Onchain Gameplay with Rewards

Our new game, BRICK POP, combines Sui’s seamless blockchain technology with low gas fees and our expertise in Web3 game development. By leveraging the strengths of Sui and our own INNO platform, BRICK POP offers players an immersive gaming experience that merges cutting-edge technology with captivating gameplay. Designed for real-time transactions and high user engagement, BRICK POP lets users create and exchange value directly through gameplay.

Sui's next-generation blockchain platform, known for its high-speed processing, scalability, and efficiency, offers excellent support for the kind of real-time gameplay we envisioned with BRICK POP. These technical features play a crucial role for BRICK POP's high user interaction.

At ONBUFF, we create new value through the fusion of game development and blockchain technology. BRICK POP reflects this philosophy by offering users a new experience where they can directly create and exchange value through gameplay. Leveraging the object-based development features of the Sui blockchain, ONBUFF processes and records all interactions and changes within the game in real-time. This ensures transparency in the game and provides a foundation for players to truly own and exchange the value they generate in the game.

animated image showing BrickPop gameplay
BRICK POP's fast-paced gameplay requires Sui's high performance to deliver player satisfaction.

Onchain gameplay

Every time a user shoots the ball in the game, it triggers a transaction that updates the game object status. The outcome of the game is then preserved as an NFT, which the player owns and can trade. To facilitate this process, players need to connect their Sui wallet to their account on our INNO platform. This connection is necessary to cover the gas fees associated with playing the game and minting the resulting NFT.

The user’s gameplay results are displayed in real-time on the leaderboard. Based on daily rankings, users receive Act tokens as rewards. These Act tokens enable participation in INNO Platform’s airdrop events.

BRICK POP saves each game as an NFT and rewards players with Act tokens.

BRICK POP contract structures

BRICK POP's technical depth is particularly emphasized through three key contract data structures: PlayerBoard, Round, and LeaderBoard. These structures play a crucial role in the real-time management of game states, recording player achievements, and accurately managing competition between players. These contracts ensure that all interactions within the game are processed transparently and reliably, allowing players to perceive their progress.

PlayerBoard structures

Within the game, the PlayerBoard data structure serves as a repository for the user’s progress and performance tracking. It encompasses key fields, including:

  • player: This field captures the user’s contract address, indicating ownership of the corresponding NFT.
  • current_board: Here, the user’s current stage status is stored, providing a snapshot of their progress within the game.

Upon completing gameplay, users are ranked based on their highest achieved score. This rank is recorded alongside an image URL (image_url), visually depicting the user’s position. Additionally, users have access to their gameplay history in their wallet, empowering them to review and reflect on their progress and achievements over time.

struct PlayerBoard has key, store {
  id: UID,
  board_num: u64,
  player: address,
  current_board: Round,
  image_url: Url

Round structures

Within the game framework, the Round data structure monitors each instance of the shooting ball, encompassing key fields such as:

  • stage: This crucial field dynamically logs the current game stage in real-time, offering insight into the player’s progress within the game.
  • last_update_date: This field plays a pivotal role in recording the latest timestamp of the shooting ball, effectively capturing the last instance of player activity.

The Round data structure serves as a comprehensive repository, meticulously documenting every attempt and outcome. By analyzing this data, the game gains valuable insights into the player’s gameplay patterns, ultimately enhancing the overall gaming experience for the user.

struct Round has store, copy, drop {
  stage: u64,
  last_update_date: u64

LeaderBoard structures

The LeaderBoard data structure serves as a cornerstone in fostering healthy competition among players, featuring essential fields such as:

  • rank: This pivotal field meticulously records players’ ranks alongside their attained stage statuses, providing a comprehensive overview of their performance within the competitive system.
  • maxRankCoun: Here, the maximum number of players displayed on the LeaderBoard is determined. For instance, setting it to 10 ensures that it only showcases the top 10 players.

Through the LeaderBoard data structure, players are empowered to compare their progress with peers, fostering a sense of camaraderie and motivation to ascend to higher stages. This competitive environment not only encourages prolonged gameplay but also amplifies the overall enjoyment and engagement for players.

struct Leaderboard has key, store {
  id: UID,
  ranks: venctor<RankBoard>,
  maxRankCount: u64,
  minStage: u64

Leveraging Sui

The utilization of Sui blockchain technology in BRICK POP is integral to the core of the game. All transactions occurring during gameplay are recorded on the blockchain, securely storing each player’s game progress, achievements, and acquired NFTs. This allows players to verify their accomplishments and perceive their in-game activities as having tangible value.

Furthermore, this technology ensures fair management of competition among players through the game’s leaderboard system, distributing rewards transparently and reliably.

Revolutionizing the gaming experience

The combination of ONBUFF and Sui blockchain technology creates a new form of gaming experience through BRICK POP. This game emphasizes both technological innovation and user engagement, providing players with deeper interactions and opportunities for value creation.

Such innovation not only impacts the gaming industry but also extends the scope of blockchain technology applications. ONBUFF and Sui are expected to provide more diverse and enriching user experiences through this, and BRICK POP serves as a testament to how technological advancements and innovative game design can be combined, offering a new direction for future game development.