Overmind’s Developer Platform Launches Sui Quests

Developers can now learn to build powerful apps on Sui through Overmind quests.

Overmind’s Developer Platform Launches Sui Quests

Overmind, in collaboration with the Sui Foundation, released its first series of quests designed to help developers learn Move and start building on Sui. The quests gamify the learning experience by offering the opportunity to win rewards, motivating developers to build high quality code and showcase their skills to the Sui community.

Launched last year, the Overmind platform is expanding to the rapidly growing Sui ecosystem. Its new quest series will give developers the hands-on experience they need to build apps with real utility on Sui. Tony Cotzias, Overmind’s Growth Lead said, "We are excited to collaborate with Sui on onboarding the next wave of developers to Web3. The Sui ecosystem's focus on developer experience coupled with the unparalleled composability of Move on Sui will enable us to take our platform and community to the next level."

Move on Sui quests

The quest journey takes the developer through a series of projects where they will fill in the blanks for both the frontend and smart contract, developing a robust understanding of how things work. The learning experience is designed as a gateway to Sui's developer opportunities, catering to both entrepreneurial developers with their own ideas and those looking to join one of the many growing projects in the ecosystem. Developers acquire not just knowledge but invaluable practical experience, positioning themselves for success in Sui’s growing ecosystem.

The first quests focus on building a marketplace to serve as a foundation for later quests as well as an NFT lottery called “JPEG Jackpot”. The JPEG Jackpot enables the creation of user-generated lotteries with NFTs as prizes, where participants buy tickets and a random draw determines the winner. It also allows for lottery cancellation and ticket refunds. Some applications include promotional events, community engagement, or a novel way to trade or win rare NFTs. 

What's next

Stay tuned for upcoming quests in the following weeks as Overmind and the Sui Foundation challenge users to take their Move skills to the next level! Despite Move being a relatively new language, Move programmers are in demand, and Sui offers the best platform to leverage this powerful language to build high performance apps.