Play Beyond: Sui Gaming Summit Comes to GDC in March

Join us at GDC in March to find out how Sui makes Web3 gaming a reality.

Play Beyond: Sui Gaming Summit Comes to GDC in March

Sui is launching its first major gaming event at this year’s Game Developer Conference (GDC) in San Francisco this March, showcasing its ability to power anything from indie to AAA games and open new player engagement features for game developers. Sui will host the Play Beyond: Sui Gaming Summit, a day-long event in a dedicated space near the conference to learn all about Sui's potential to enhance gaming experiences by powering player-driven economies and new, unique gameplay paradigms.

Boasting the fastest performance among blockchains, Sui makes Web3-powered gaming viable at scale with a seamless user experience for players. Additionally, Sui's elastically scalable architecture keeps infrastructure costs predictably low for game developers and players alike. Its technology also enables unique on-chain features for games, such as dynamic NFTs that can be updated in real time, and royalty enforcement at the protocol level for IP-related assets. Publishers gain exceptional control over in-game assets, creating a bounded ownership experience between them and their players. 

Happening alongside GDC’s main event, Play Beyond: Sui Gaming Summit will feature talks, discussions, development workshops, and live game demos. Networking opportunities include partners already benefiting from key Sui innovations and the drivers behind the future of gaming, such as South Korean gaming giant NHN. 

The full program and speaker announcements will be released over the coming weeks. The free event will begin at 11 AM and end at 4 PM on March 19, located only two blocks from GDC at 40 O’Farrell Street. 

Register today, and we will see you at Play Beyond: Sui Gaming Summit and GDC!