Revolut Accelerates Sui Blockchain Education and Adoption

Revolut's Learn program allows users to earn rewards while learning about Sui.

Revolut Accelerates Sui Blockchain Education and Adoption

Revolut, the global all-in-one finance platform, unveiled its latest Crypto Learn course in collaboration with Sui. With over 40 million users worldwide, Revolut offers a comprehensive suite of digital banking products and services, including the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, including SUI. 

Revolut's Learn program educates its users about Sui, giving an introduction to the technology and what sets it apart from other blockchains. An incentivisation program encourages users to explore all facets of Sui.

Opening doors to blockchain education

As Sui continues to pave the way for blockchain technology innovation and adoption, its strategic partnership with Revolut creates an opportunity to introduce millions of digital banking users to the world of blockchain technology.

"Our collaboration with Sui underscores Revolut’s commitment to providing our users with access to the latest advancements in financial technology," said Kotryna Baldovskaja, Crypto Global Business Development Manager at Revolut. "By integrating Sui's educational content into our Learn program, we aim to equip our users with knowledge about one of the most impressive technological breakthroughs we’ve seen in crypto and the countless opportunities that lie within the Sui ecosystem."

A guided journey into Sui

Revolut's Learn platform serves as the gateway for Revolut users to delve into the intricacies of Sui. Together, Revolut and the Sui Foundation curated a series of captivating lessons designed to guide users through the unique value propositions of Sui. 

In the first two lessons, users explore the distinctive features and benefits of Sui technology, gaining insights into how Sui sets itself apart from the typical standards of blockchain platforms. The subsequent lessons explore the power of Sui’s uniquely smooth user experience while highlighting important use cases, introducing users to the vibrant Sui ecosystem and its wide array of applications.

Revolut users have access to Sui courses within the Learn program and can earn rewards for completion.

Begin learning about Sui on Revolut

Through the Crypto Learn program, Revolut users not only expand their knowledge of Sui and blockchain technology but also have the opportunity to earn SUI tokens for their efforts. By completing educational modules, users can unlock exciting rewards, further incentivizing their journey into the world of decentralized finance and encouraging engagement with Sui's thriving ecosystem. Note that rewards are limited to specific jurisdictions and may not be available for all Revolut users.

Download Revolut and learn about Sui today! Stay tuned for further updates as Revolut and Sui continue to innovate and empower users on their journey into the future of finance.

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