Dive into Data and Debugging with Sentio on Sui

Sentio introduces crucial analytic and developers tools for the Sui ecosystem.

Dive into Data and Debugging with Sentio on Sui

Sentio recently launched two important products on Sui, Dash and Debugger, offering crucial tools to enhance the developer and user experience within the Sui ecosystem. These products are an important step in Sentio's journey as an infrastructure provider, cementing its status alongside its indexing, data analytics, and monitoring capabilities tailored specifically for the Sui ecosystem.

Prior to this launch, Sentio made waves with its open-source project, TypeMove, designed to generate type bindings for Move smart contracts, enabling developers to deploy apps safer and faster. Now, with the support of the Sui Foundation and Mysten Labs, Sentio introduces Dash and Debugger, two innovative solutions aimed at empowering users and developers alike.

Dash: Democratizing data exploration

Dash, a serverless and permissionless data platform, lets users explore Sui data. With a flexible data schema, insightful dashboards, and lightning-fast query capabilities, Dash revolutionizes the way app builders interact with and utilize data.

Exploring dashboards

The Dash website greets users with a plethora of public dashboards curated by fellow users. Using intuitive search, filtering, and bookmarking features, navigating Sui data through Dash is a seamless experience. Each dashboard provides real-time updates and detailed insights, allowing users to delve deeper into the data effortlessly.

Public dashboards are on display at the Dash webpage, giving users instant access to useful data on Sui.

Creating custom dashboards

For those eager to discover new insights, Dash provides a user-friendly interface complete with click-and-drag functionality to create personalized dashboards, without coding. This democratization of data empowers teams to harness the power of analytics for product enhancement, marketing optimization, and more, with less effort.

Sentio gives users the ability to create custom dashboards.

Advanced query capabilities

Dash caters to the needs of teams requiring complex custom queries through its SQL widgets, leveraging the prowess of ClickHouse SQL, known for its performance in executing complex analytical queries on massive datasets. Ad hoc queries can be performed on the spot from the navigation bar and added to your own dashboard at any time. Whether it's time-series data or ad hoc queries, Dash delivers blazing-fast results, enabling users to uncover insights with unparalleled efficiency.

Users can write their own queries from the beginning or tweak existing queries to gain new insights.

Exporting as API and custom data sources

Dash allows users to export charts as APIs, providing a serverless solution for data consumption without the hassle of backend maintenance. Additionally, Dash encourages community collaboration by inviting users to contribute to the platform with public datasets, fostering knowledge sharing and innovation. For those interested in contributing, reach out to the Sentio team to see how your contributions can be shared broadly.

Debugger: Empowering smart contract development

Sentio Debugger emerges as an advanced debugger within the Move ecosystem, empowering developers to inspect and iterate smart contracts with unparalleled clarity and efficiency. From beginners seeking to delve into contract execution details to seasoned engineers troubleshooting issues, Sentio’s Debugger offers a productivity boost like no other.

By simply entering the transaction digest into the Sentio Debugger tool, users gain access to comprehensive transaction information and traces, enabling them to debug with ease and precision.

Sentio’s Debugger tool helps explain Sui transaction digests in an easy to understand and incredibly useful manner.

New tools for data and development on Sui

Sentio's latest product launch on Sui signifies an important leap forward in data exploration and development tooling within the Sui ecosystem. With Dash and Debugger at the ready, users and developers are equipped with a robust stack of tools to explore, build, and innovate on Sui like never before.

As users and developers find powerful ways to leverage Sentio’s Dash and Debugger tools, the possibilities for growth and advancement within the Sui ecosystem become limitless.

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