Stardust Enables Game Builders on Sui

Stardust brings its wallet-as-a-service infrastructure and user acquisition platform to Sui.

Stardust Enables Game Builders on Sui

Stardust brings its Web3 gaming services prowess to Sui, giving game builders critical help in onboarding players. Today the company announced it will adapt its proven wallets-as-a-service infrastructure and user acquisition platform for Sui game builders.

As a Web3 gaming infrastructure provider, Stardust built a platform focused on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) technology. Its wallets-as-a-service infrastructure creates server-to-server wallets that are invisible to players, tackling a key friction point for onboarding users. Similarly, Stardust's user acquisition platform leverages Web3 technology, including onchain data, to attract and retain players. 

These technologies serve game developers who aren't committed to a platform and are looking for an edge to stand out in a competitive market. Web3's unique propositions include digital asset ownership and portability. 

Sui is a natural fit for Stardust, given how it opens more possibilities in gaming than EVM or other chains. Object composability on Sui means builders can create unique relationships between game assets. And Sui's transaction capacity allows speedy gameplay and true onchain assets.

Stardust's wallets-as-a-service infrastructure mirrors Sui's zkLogin Move primitive, giving the company native capability on Sui for its infrastructure.