Sui Bridge Incentive Program Update

The incentivized Testnet phase of Sui Bridge is coming to a close with one week left to participate.

Sui Bridge Incentive Program Update

The Sui Bridge incentivized Testnet phase will conclude on July 8th, marking the final opportunity for participation. Community feedback and thorough testing during this critical phase is crucial in ensuring the smooth functionality of the Sui Bridge upon its mainnet launch.

To make sure that your actions are eligible for rewards, ensure that your are adhering to the following requirements: 

  1. Complete the full bridge cycle by transferring from Ethereum to Sui and from Sui back to Ethereum.
  2. Initiate bridging transactions only through the official Sui Bridge frontend.
  3. For those providing feedback, make sure your Sui address is associated with your feedback on Discord.

Major frontend update now live

Today a major update has been pushed to the Sui Bridge frontend. This update improves the transaction history tab by enabling faster loading through integration with the Bridge Indexer. As open source and permissionless software, the Bridge Indexer empowers anyone to collect comprehensive bridge data and build customizable dashboards. This enhancement not only improves user experience but also strengthens the transparency and accessibility of the Sui Bridge.

Special testing scenario

Starting today, we will initiate a special testing scenario to simulate scenarios where users may experience delays in claiming their assets. During this period, the bridge limit will be intentionally reduced, requiring users to wait and manually claim their tokens upon reset. While such occurrences will be rare on Sui Mainnet, it is essential to rigorously test these scenarios now to preemptively address any operational challenges. Keep a lookout on Discord for more information.

Stay informed

For those interested in participating in the Testnet incentive program, check out our previous article, which covers the details of the program and how to participate. Rewards from the Sui Bridge incentive program will be distributed to participants after the incentive program closes. Keep an eye out for more information in the coming weeks on when distribution will occur.

Community efforts in testing and providing feedback are instrumental in shaping the future of the Sui Bridge. We’d like to thank everyone who is participating in creating a stronger Sui Bridge.

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