Introducing the Sui Foundation

The Sui Foundation exists to promote, grow, and cultivate the holistic development of the Sui ecosystem.

Introducing the Sui Foundation

The Sui Foundation is thrilled to announce it is now live, operational, and ready to support and empower Sui builders and creators. While it has been only seven short months since Sui’s launch announcement, the time has come to distribute Sui Foundation funds (including SUI tokens), build the Sui ecosystem, and create a home for the Sui community.

The independent Sui Foundation promotes, grows, and cultivates the holistic development of the Sui ecosystem. Decentralization and community-building are two of the most important elements in this mission, and the Sui Foundation believes it can only attain them by holding itself true to a set of high principles. In particular, the Sui Foundation is committed to:

  • Embracing transparency and a level playing field: The Foundation will design its programs to allocate and distribute funding in a fair, open, and democratic fashion. The Foundation will create a home for all Sui members and ensure everyone has equal access to its programs and is subject to the same rules.
  • Open communication and a culture of trust: The Sui Foundation will be transparent with its decisions and establish a dialogue with the community. The Foundation will err on the side of communicating early to ensure all Sui voices are heard and its operations are aligned with the network's long-term interest.
  • Community engagement matters: The Sui Foundation aims to utilize community participation in its operations and governance – whether it be as reviewers for Foundation Grant Program applications, participants in the Sui Foundation’s stake delegation choice, or other projects.

The Sui Foundation launches ahead of Sui’s official Mainnet, and this early release is intentional. Sui’s infrastructure must be coupled with a thriving ecosystem of applications and developers, as well as a flourishing community of Sui participants. And we believe that the seeds of this future are sowed during this critical window of early building taking place before the network is live and operational.

Earlier this week, the Sui Foundation announced the launch of its Developer Grant Program. This program is designed to distribute Sui Foundation funds (including SUI tokens) to developers who are on a mission to help create the decentralized future by building native Sui apps.

Looking Ahead

But that’s just the beginning. The Sui Foundation will release additional information and programs pertaining to its decentralization and community-building mission over the coming weeks. In particular, the Foundation is currently designing educational and community programs to disseminate Sui knowledge, research programs to improve Sui’s technology, and validator and Move programs to enhance the adoption of Sui’s infrastructure.

The Foundation is heavily invested in Sui’s future and will use its funds aggressively to achieve its objectives. In addition to grant programs, the Sui Foundation will soon release more information on Sui’s initial token allocation, processes for obtaining Sui Foundation stake delegation, and additional paths through which Sui community members can access funding. The Foundation is serious about public engagement and looks forward to rich and respectful debates in the Sui community.

We issue a call to all Sui community members: the Sui Foundation is live, coming in hot, and ready for prime time. It’s time to dive into Sui, jump into Move, and be loud in the community. Apply for a Developer Grant, stay tuned for more announcements, and make sure your voice is heard. The Sui Foundation is here for you – let’s do this!

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