Sui Foundation Opens Engineering Office Hours

Developers and teams can make an appointment for technical consultation and mentorship from core team engineers.

Sui Foundation Opens Engineering Office Hours

The Sui Foundation is happy to announce the start of Engineering Office Hours for builders on Sui. Builders attending sessions will find one-on-one advanced technical consultation from engineers at Sui Foundation for support and mentoring. These meetings also offer signals to the team about ways in which Sui can be improved.

Developers must submit an application to be scheduled for a time slot. As part of the application, you will need to submit the technical questions you want to discuss during Office Hours. Questions that can be answered in other sources such as developer forums or documentation may be deprioritized. Appropriate use of Office Hours include feature requests for Sui that require in-person discussions, addressing issues that haven’t been or can’t be handled in an async format, or discussion of topics that require timely development assistance. Check out questions and discussions from our recent Office Hours.

If you prefer to conduct the meeting in a language other than English, we will do our best to accommodate the request but can’t guarantee it will be possible.

Office Hours Details


Any developer or team currently building on Sui.


Every Thursday, 9-10am (GMT -7)


Four 15-minute appointments for each session

Appointment Application Process

  • Project teams must apply by Friday of the previous week
  • Invites will be sent to selected participants by Monday of the week of the office hour

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