SUI Token Community Access Program

The SUI Token Community Access Program enables Sui community members to purchase SUI tokens in the early phases of the network's lifespan.

SUI Token Community Access Program

Lighting All the Stars in the Sui Arc

Web3 is a special industry where multitudes of all backgrounds meet. Core developers create and maintain Sui’s codebase. Validators operate the network. Builders and service providers deliver applications with utility. Users leverage the network for all sorts of activities across a broad swathe of products and services. Community members create and nurture the many groups who call Sui home. Token holders channel the network towards long-term success.

At the center of this ecosystem lies the SUI token, the key primitive permitting an on-chain global computer like Sui to operate sustainably in a distributed and decentralized fashion. By delivering a means to participate in the network’s Proof-of-Stake mechanism, representing the currency for paying gas fees, providing a source of native liquidity, and conveying a claim on the chain’s future governance – the SUI token is the glue binding the Sui community together.

The Sui community is richly diverse and the Sui Foundation’s efforts reflect the desire of accessible SUI tokens to this wide-ranging audience. Namely, the Foundation is working on a variety of programs aimed at various Sui constituencies:

  • Developer Grant Program: Provides funds for teams building native, open source apps.
  • SUI Delegation Program: Delegates SUI tokens to community-run validators in order to help bootstrap their operations.
  • Ambassador Program: Empowers community members with tools and resources to promote Sui projects and technology and share Sui knowledge with local communities.
  • University Outreach Program: Taps into the developers of tomorrow in order to unleash the next wave of builders in Sui’s ecosystem.
  • Educational Program: Rewards those who spend time learning and researching Sui, sharing knowledge with the wider Sui community.

While only the Developer Grant Program is currently operational, the remaining programs are being actively worked on and will be launched in short notice. The Sui Foundation is aiming for all of these programs to be live before Sui Mainnet is launched.

The SUI Token Community Access Program

Broad sets of Sui builders want and need to own the SUI token to be able to participate in on-chain activity at Mainnet launch and beyond. The Sui Foundation is thus designing the SUI Token Community Access Program to enable Sui community members to purchase SUI tokens in the early phases of the network's lifespan.

Decentralization and community-building are core elements in the Sui Foundation’s mission to promote, grow, and cultivate the holistic development of the Sui ecosystem. By ensuring a broad allocation of SUI tokens across Sui community members, the SUI Token Community Access Program will hasten decentralization and diversify participants.

Aiming for Success

As any World Cup team can relate to, the road to success lies between clearly defined goal posts. The Sui Foundation’s SUI Token Community Access Program is no different, and is being designed with the goal of:

  • Maximizing geographic coverage where possible: The Sui community is global in reach and, as such, the distribution should permit broad participation across all regions of the world.
  • Empowering robust and fair participation: The aim is to make SUI tokens as broadly accessible as possible, while also ensuring access to early Sui contributors and supporters.

The official Mainnet launch is still a few months ahead of us and Sui Testnet Wave 1 recently concluded successfully! Announcing the SUI Token Community Access Program today represents an early and public commitment by the Sui Foundation towards decentralization.

The Sui Foundation will spend the coming weeks working together with the community to ensure this program delivers on its goals. In the meantime, drop a line on our Discord channels, apply for a developer grant, and keep learning about Sui. Riding solo gets lonely pretty quickly – we’re excited we get to do this journey together!

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