SuiNS' New Naming Standard Simplifies Blockchain Identity

Through adopting the @ symbol, SuiNS offers greater identity consistency within Web3.

SuiNS' New Naming Standard Simplifies Blockchain Identity

SuiNS updated its user-facing naming standard from .sui to @, letting users represent themselves in a manner that works in both the Web2 and Web3 worlds. With this update, users can have an @ before their chosen name, as opposed to .sui appended to their name.

The Sui naming service launched last year to make addresses on Sui more human-readable and memorable. Similar to account abstraction features such as zkLogin, it makes Sui the most user-friendly blockchain around.

Users with existing SuiNS names will experience a seamless transition, with complete interoperability between their .sui and @ names. However, NFTs will continue to show their .sui address.

Introducing SuiNS' new naming standard

To enhance usability and familiarity, SuiNS is transitioning from its earlier .sui extension to a more intuitive @ prefix. This change aligns with the widely accepted username conventions of Web2, allowing users to maintain a consistent identity across various apps, from Web2 social platforms to Web3 games. For example:

  • chris.sui becomes @chris
  • degen123.sui becomes @degen123

Both forms will be usable through Sui Wallet, RPC, and other ecosystem apps, ensuring a smooth transition and continued functionality.


With SuiNS, you can now drop the dot and use the more intuitive @ prefix for your onchain identity.

Benefits of the @

The adoption of the @ symbol is not just a cosmetic update, it is a strategic move to enhance the user experience. In Web2, the @ symbol is a common way to refer to users, companies, or apps. By adopting this convention, SuiNS makes it simpler for Web2 users to engage with Web3 technologies, lowering the barrier to entry and fostering greater adoption of the Sui ecosystem. The transition from the .sui extension to the @ prefix offers key advantages that enhance both usability and technical integration:

  • Enhanced user familiarity: By using the @ symbol, SuiNS allows users to maintain the same name across different platforms. Recognized widely from its presence on Web2-based social media, this familiarity helps users transition smoothly to Web3, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly onboarding process.
  • Interchangeable usage: Both .sui and @ names will be used interchangeably within the Sui ecosystem. Whether a user inputs `chris.sui or @chris, the system will resolve it to the same address, ensuring flexibility and convenience for users without disrupting existing workflows.

Technical details

Despite the shift in naming convention, the underlying infrastructure remains robust and flexible. The .sui and @ names are interchangeable and will be treated as synonyms within the Sui ecosystem, allowing them to resolve to the same alpha-numeric address. All NFT metadata will retain the .sui notation, and NFT lookups will continue to display the .sui format. RPC lookups will support both the new @ notation and the existing .sui notation, providing backward compatibility and ease of use. Additionally, return values from RPC or contracts will continue to use the .sui notation, with clients responsible for converting these into the @ notation if needed. 

This dual compatibility ensures that the transition is smooth and that users can continue to interact with the system in a manner that suits their preferences. These changes will be supported across all key platforms within the Sui ecosystem, including Sui Wallet, explorers, and various RPC and SDK tools, ensuring a seamless user experience throughout.

Identity for a connected world

As the Sui ecosystem continues to grow, the importance of maintaining consistent and recognizable identities becomes more crucial. The transition from .sui to @ in SuiNS is more than just a change in notation, it represents a forward-thinking approach to digital identity. By embracing familiar Web2 conventions, SuiNS ensures that users can seamlessly navigate and connect across the expanding landscape of Sui apps. This update is a significant step in making digital identities more accessible and intuitive, reinforcing the foundational role that identities play in online ecosystems.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements and updates from SuiNS in the coming weeks! To dive deeper into the details and explore the capabilities of SuiNS, visit the SuiNS docs.

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