SWAYE Demos Telegram-based Games Onboarding

Using Telegram as a game launchpad leverages a platform that many people around the world already use.

SWAYE Demos Telegram-based Games Onboarding

New game platform SWAYE demonstrated a unique proposition for Web3 games on Sui with its OG Battlefront title, launched on Telegram. Rather than a traditional app or Web-based approach, players access the game through the SWAYE AI bot channel on Telegram. Highlighting this unique platform, SWAYE calls it "Web3's most accessible game."

With onboarding automation technology combining account abstraction, Sui, Telegram's API, and AI for natural language processing and machine learning, SWAYE serves as a helper and automates onboarding users to the OG Battlefront game. It automates wallet creation and NFT minting, abstracting away all the friction from accessing Web3.

In this arcade-style game, players can:

• Power-up with Traits: Boost their dynamic NFTs with experience points and level up faster. More traits increase power and $WAYE token earning potential.

• In-game referrals: Use referral links to earn more $WAYE tokens. 

Enable auto-fire: Continuously shoot and keep enemies at bay.

• Rhythm control: Master the game's rhythm to control the descent speed of enemies. 

• Shooting strategy and fire discipline: This tactic maximizes ammunition impact and avoids wild firing.

More than just an arcade game, however, SWAYE is a middleware platform giving builders a very unique means of onboarding users. SWAYE leverages Telegram's popularity among Web3 users to provide a pathway to register for and launch apps. Behind the scenes, SWAYE uses an infrastructure-based wallet and sponsored transactions to eliminate friction.

This onboarding pathway shows itself in OG Battlefront, where in just a few clicks, players register and launch the game, with no need to create a username and password or connect a wallet. 

Further demonstrating its Web3 integration, the company created the $WAYE token as a means of implementing an economy in OG Battlefront. Players earn what the documentation refers to as $WAYE points through various activities, both in-game and outside of it. 

Normies, dynamic NFTs in OG Battlefront, can be upgraded through a large collection of purchasable traits.

Similarly, SWAYE offers NFT collectibles called Normies. Leveraging Sui's dynamic NFTs, players can upgrade their Normies from a collection of 450 traits, making them more rare and giving them unique elements. Players spend $WAYE to purchase traits.

As a platform, SWAYE offers builders unique near-frictionless user onboarding and expertise in Sui. The latter includes dynamic NFTs, sponsored transactions, and infrastructure-based wallets. These attributes make it a compelling choice for builders.

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