Tencent Blockchain RPC Service Now Supports Sui

Sui developers will find a variety of plans supporting apps of all sizes.

Tencent Blockchain RPC Service Now Supports Sui

Tencent Cloud now supports Sui developers with a new RPC service. The company, a major cloud services provider, offers high throughput and batching for Web3 apps.

Launching its blockchain-specific RPC service in September, 2023, Tencent Cloud includes Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana. The addition of Sui will let builders push the envelope of blockchain performance, combining Sui's record-setting transactions-per-second and Tencent Cloud's RPC throughput, which can reach up to 18,000 requests-per-second. 

Developers interested in exploring Tencent Cloud's packages can begin with a free trial, supporting a single app and 1,800 requests-per-second. Paid services offer greater batching, more throughput, and metrics reporting. 

Tencent Cloud's Sui support gives developers the ability to write complex enterprise apps that scale, reaching users around the world with no bottlenecks.