Sui Shares Planned Schedule for Future Token Releases

Tranches of the SUI token will be released throughout the following years to maintain a vibrant and active network.

Sui Shares Planned Schedule for Future Token Releases

In the interest of transparency and open communication about the tokenomics that govern the Sui Network and how the supply of SUI is being managed, the Sui Foundation is sharing our planned sequence of token distributions set to occur over the next seven years.

The current schedule is subject to adjustments to ensure a stable tokenomics model that supports the Sui network's health, and will be available for download via an API maintained by the Sui Foundation.

Builders interested in integrating the API to their apps or services can make use of either of the following endpoints:

Both endpoints can be invoked through a simple REST GET request or through a command line interface with curl

Below is a view of the current schedule:

graph showing the amount of SUI tokens available at the end of each month
Note that circulation amounts refer to numbers at the end of each month.

In addition, a new page dedicated to the SUI token supply and circulation has been added for visibility.