Wave Wallet Builds a Launchpad to Sui Apps

Along with typical crypto wallet functionality, Wave Wallet delights its many users with integrated games.

Wave Wallet Builds a Launchpad to Sui Apps

Lacking a Google of Web3, users discover apps through social connections and the always perilous airdrops. Trustworthy directories are few and far between.

The team behind Wave Wallet addresses this challenge, taking traditional Web3 wallet functionality and leveraging it for discoverability, accessibility, and built-in fun. This Telegram-integrated crypto wallet combines the intuitive interface and gamified features needed to give users an elevated experience. The platform emphasizes easy access to blockchain apps.

“We prioritized simplicity, security, and accessibility,” said Dante Hiromi, Chief Product Officer at Wave Wallet. “By using Wave Wallet, users can effortlessly participate in various apps, and engage in all the activities Sui has to offer.”

In Wave Wallet's signature app, Ocean Game, players earn OCEAN tokens, which unlock various events, games, and the other decentralized apps soon to launch in Wave Wallet. The company incentives users with SUI, NFTs, and its upcoming Wave Native Token. 

To make their vision a reality, the Wave Wallet team chose Sui. With Sui, they didn’t have to worry about latency issues with their userbase increasing. Today, Wave Wallet hits peaks of 8.9 million transactions over 24 hours without any issues. And with consistently low gas fees, players aren’t hit with huge transaction costs. In addition, Sui's Coin package makes it easy to design utility tokens for any app.

“We wanted to align with a growing ecosystem that would help enhance our app offerings,” said Hiromi. “With Sui's support, we are able to deliver access to a leading suite of apps, and provide the best, most seamless experience possible for our over 2.7 million users.”

The Wave Wallet ecosystem 

On Wave Wallet's platform, in-game OCEAN tokens enable access to a suite of games and applications. The company encourages users to claim OCEAN tokens and use them to explore the Wave Wallet universe to unlock even more awards. 

“In some projects on different chains, users need to incur significant costs to acquire tokens and cover gas fees to experience apps and receive airdrops,” said Hiromi. “Our approach helps reduce costs for users, while ensuring Wave Wallet maintains a stable userbase for apps.” 

In its current incarnation, users open their Wave Wallet within Telegram. From the wallet, users can open the OCEAN game and continually claim OCEAN tokens. A higher level boat and Aqua Cat, the game's character, earn more OCEAN. 

Wave Wallet offers standard wallet features, such as asset storage and security, but also serves as a launchpad for games and apps.

While the company could have opted for an offchain point system used by many other rival projects, Wave Wallet’s vision required a level of transparency that only blockchain could provide. 

“Our approach combines the transparency of on-chain transactions through the OCEAN token, with the efficiency of offchain Wave Points for airdrops,” said Hiromi. “This hybrid strategy ensures that users experience the security and openness of blockchain technology, while also enjoying the convenience and accessibility of traditional point systems.”

Navigating Web3 hurdles

Building in the Web3 space posed some challenges. Traditional marketing methods don’t always translate to the decentralized landscape, making it harder to acquire users. And many potential users lack familiarity with decentralized applications, blockchain technology, smart contracts, and decentralized finance. 

To empower users to more confidently explore and engage with the Wave Wallet world, the company provides educational resources and tutorials, largely directed at Telegram’s nearly one billion active users. While they may not be experts yet, many of the people that use the secure messaging app are already familiar with the Web3 space. 

“We focused on curating innovative strategies to expand our userbase on Wave Wallet,” said Hiromi. 

One means of growing its userbase involves creating engaging experiences within Wave Wallet. Along with OCEAN Game, it also features Lucky Wheel, letting users wager their OCEAN tokens to spin the wheel and win prizes. Lucky Wheel uses the Drand randomness beacon, ensuring fair gameplay.

Wave Wallet's Battle Game offers more active play than its OCEAN Game, challenging players to accurately target enemy ships.

Most recently, the team launched Battle Game. In this water-borne game, players attempt to sink enemy ships while hoping their opponent doesn't send their ships to the briny depths first. 

And there’s much more on the way to delight users, including new games, apps, and the forthcoming WavePad, the company’s first crypto launchpad.