XOCIETY To Make Sui a Gamers' Paradise

XOCIETY leverages Sui's dynamic NFTs and quick transaction speeds to maximize Web3 gaming.

XOCIETY To Make Sui a Gamers' Paradise

Sui's phenomenal speed and innovative NFT technology makes it an excellent environment for games, and nothing will prove it more like XOCIETY, a new pop shooter with RPG elements coming to the network later this year. The game, by NDUS Interactive, features fast-paced accessible play in a rich environment built on the Unreal Engine 5.

Through PVP and PVE action, XOCIETY leverages Sui with onchain gaming and owned assets. Using Sui's dynamic NFTs, players own their avatars and items, providing an in-game asset experience unheard of in traditional gaming. The XOCIETY website suggests NFTs may be transferable or otherwise usable between the game and other projects, exploiting a unique capability of Web3. 

Sui's zkLogin simplifies player onboarding in XOCIETY. Unlike other blockchains, which would require players to install a wallet and acquire tokens, XOCIETY will let new players log in with existing credentials from third party services.

screen capture from game showing a desert landscape
XOCIETY features an immersive environment and RPG elements, allowing character progression.

NDUS Interactive, the company creating XOCIETY, includes veteran game designers and builders. The team uses the tagline "Shoot, Earn, Pioneer" for the game, suggesting not only serious action, but also the ability to explore the game environment while fighting other players and NPCs or creatures. 

The company says that it expects to offer early access to XOCIETY in November or December of 2024. Gameplay footage can be seen on XOCIETY's YouTube channel.