Highlights from the Kyoto Sui Builder House

The Sui Builder House in Kyoto ran from June 29 through June 30, two days filled with informative presentations and product demonstrations.

Highlights from the Kyoto Sui Builder House

The Sui Builder House in Kyoto wound up on Friday, capping another conference with stellar presentations and demos about the Sui ecosystem. Builders showed off projects focused around gaming, NFTs, DeFi, and infrastructure, while on-stage talks gave the latest Sui progress and discussions around AI and user experience design.

Based at the ACE Hotel in Kyoto, and running from Thursday June 29 through Friday June 30, this Sui Builder House welcomed the Japanese Sui community and builders throughout the region. Along with informative talks and workshops, participants enjoyed evening networking over cocktails and snacks.

People watching a presentation
Participants at our Sui Builder House in Kyoto enjoyed two days of informative demos and presentations.

The State of Sui

Mysten Labs' Adeniyi Abiodun was on hand to deliver a keynote talking about the evolution of blockchain technology and the Sui network's progress. Adeniyi looked at the earliest blockchains that created the concept of digital money, popularized as crypto-currency. That early network allowed people to trade currencies. As we move to blockchains that launched over the last five years the smart contract arises, allowing not only people, but programs to trade currencies. And now we have the next generation, embodied by Sui, moving the technology from account-based to object-based storage, creating a whole new paradigm and possibilities.

Adeniyi Abiodun talking in front of a graphic showing Sui stats
Mysten Labs' Adeniyi Abiodun shows off the stats from Sui's first month as a permissionless, public network.

As for the Sui network's progress, we've had just over a month as a fully permissionless public network. With almost a million active accounts in that period, Sui is growing rapidly. And it's proving the promise of being a performant and efficient network. As one metric, Adeniyi pointed out how it only costs $6.6 thousand to mint a million NFTs on Sui, compared to $253 thousand on Solana and $33 million on Ethereum.

Adeniyi capped his keynote by announcing exciting new features coming to Sui, including DeepBook, its first native liquidity layer, and liquid staking, allowing stakers to continue using their staked funds.

Web3 Projects

Recognizing the promise of next generation Web3 technology and the economic opportunity it affords, representatives from Alibaba were on hand to demonstrate and provide a workshop around the company's cloud services. Alibaba Cloud for Web3 currently provides hosting services for Validators, leveraging its cloud technology for robust transaction processing.

Alibaba previously announced it would be launching its Blockchain Node Service, designed to make API calls quick and efficient.

An Alibaba representative gives a presentation about cloud services
Alibaba showed how its cloud services can support and empower Sui's infrastructure.

Looking at the issue of infrastructure, a panel at the Builder House discussed core essentials and user experience techniques on Sui. This technical panel offered great insight from principles at companies such as Typus Finance, Notifi, and Movement Labs.

Providing some thoughtful commentary on a top trend in technology, Joi Ito and Alex Shin discussed the intersection of AI and the blockchain. Joi is an experienced technologist who delved into Web3 over the past few years and founded the Center for Radical Transformation at the Chiba Institute of Technology. Alex Shin founded Shinlabs and is very active in the Web3 industry, speaking at conferences internationally.

A number of builders came to pitch their projects, taking the stage to convince a panel of judges and the audience they had the most promising ideas. The entrant projects were largely in the DeFi and NFT space. At the end of Friday, the last day of Builder House, we had six winners:

  • Bucket Raffle System
  • DreamBook
  • Umi Protocol
  • VMeta3
  • Suia

We hope to see all of these projects on-chain soon!

Join Us at the Paris Builder House

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We would like to give special thanks to Jump Crypto, a global sponsor of Sui's Builder Houses in 2023. Jump Crypto combines expertise in engineering, trading, and investing to realize the promise of a Web3 future.