5 Games Coming to Sui: A Glimpse into the Future of Gaming

New gaming experiences are created on Sui and numerous games are launching this year!

5 Games Coming to Sui: A Glimpse into the Future of Gaming

In the ever-evolving landscape of gaming, innovation is the key to capturing players' attention and keeping them engaged. As we look ahead to the rest of this year, five upcoming games on Sui promise to highlight the possibilities of Web3 gaming. By implementing powerful blockchain technology and immersive storytelling, these games are poised to set new standards for what gamers can expect.

E4C: Final Salvation

E4C: Final Salvation brings a fresh take on the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre, incorporating mobile-native innovations and blockchain technology. Developed by Ambrus Studios, this game offers fast-paced, competitive matches while allowing players to customize and personalize their in-game assets. By leveraging Sui's blockchain technology, players can collect in-game currency and valuable items that can be exchanged for NFTs, weapons, and heroes, an ownership experience unlike anything else. With its strategic gameplay and immersive features, E4C: Final Salvation redefines the MOBA experience.

While E4C: Final Salvation is under development, players can now enjoy its prequel, E4C: Fallen Arena, on PC or Mac. Fallen Arena features the same IP and artwork from Ambrus Studios’ NFT series, the E4C Rangers. In-game assets, including customizable skins, will be recorded as Sui assets onchain, enabling players to earn currency and items exchangeable for Ranger NFTs, weapons, and heroes that will be available to be used in E4C: Final Salvation as well.

E4C: Fallen Arena is available to play for everyone today.

Pebble City

Pebble City is not just a casino game; it's a vibrant social experience set in a multi-casino system. Each casino within Pebble City offers a unique theme and storyline, providing players with endless opportunities for exploration and adventure. From space-themed casinos to intense face-offs against other players, Pebble City promises excitement at every turn. By participating in community games and trying out different slots, players can tailor their casino experience to suit their preferences. With its immersive gameplay and social elements, Pebble City is set to revolutionize the online casino industry.

The Walking Dead Lands

Orange Comet's The Walking Dead Lands brings the iconic world of AMC's television series to life in a thrilling third-person shooter game. Players must navigate through a zombie-ridden landscape, using a variety of weapons to survive. With rich visuals and immersive gameplay powered by Unreal Engine, The Walking Dead Lands will deliver an action-packed experience that fans of the series won't want to miss.

Read more about how The Walking Dead Lands is using Sui technology.


Cosmocadia is a casual farming game where players collaborate with the Cosmocadians on their island to gather resources and construct the ultimate utopia. Cosmocadia immerses players in a simple yet engaging landscape where they navigate their NFT avatars to complete quests and engage in farming activities. Players earn in-game currency to further develop their island and customize their avatars and surroundings. With its blend of casual gameplay and immersive features, Cosmocadia promises to provide entertainment and creative exploration for players of all ages.

Read more on how Cosmocadia utilizes unique elements of Sui NFTs.

Users explore the land to collect items, build structures, and play with friends on Cosmoscadia.


BRICK POP, developed by ONBUFF, offers a casual and fun arcade-style experience where players use shooting balls to clear bricks. What sets BRICK POP apart from a typical arcade-style game is its integration of Sui technology, allowing users to create and exchange value through gameplay. Each game session is represented by an NFT, which is updated during gameplay and used to rank in leaderboards. With its addictive gameplay and innovative use of blockchain technology, BRICK POP is set to captivate players of all ages. Learn more about how BRICK POP utilizes Sui technology

ONBUFF is also helping to develop Samurai Shodown, an onchain game based on the game Samurai Shodown: The Legend of the Light Moon, which is targeted to launch this year.

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The future of Web3 gaming is bright, with innovative titles on Sui like E4C: Final Salvation, Pebble City, The Walking Dead Lands, BRICK POP, and Cosmocadia leading the way. By leveraging blockchain technology, immersive storytelling, and social elements, these games are redefining gaming in the digital age. As they prepare for release this year, gamers everywhere can look forward to a new era of gaming experiences that are more immersive, interactive, and rewarding than ever before.

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