Celebrating the Sui Community

Broad participation is critical for decentralization and network success.

Celebrating the Sui Community

A decentralized network is only as good as its community. It relies upon the participation of a large and diverse audience, as builders, investors, advocates, and users. Whether by securing the network, participating in governance, building applications, or using the products and services built on the chain, a decentralized network benefits when more people are involved.

From the launch of Devnet to today, Sui has had a vibrant and committed community. In particular, Sui’s Champions have stepped up as moderators, testers, and contributors. They’ve attended Sui Builder Houses, shared knowledge on Discord, participated in competitions, and built key open source projects that create long-term value for the whole ecosystem. They’ve contributed significant time and effort.

Soon, hundreds of thousands of transactions will be processed by the network representing all of the people and projects that have worked so diligently to get Sui to this point, and all of those who we welcome to the community as Sui accelerates into the future.

It is humbling and exhilarating to see the energy building within the Sui community from its inception through the latest Testnet. The Sui Foundation believes that everyone, especially Sui’s Champions and Supporters, should be able to obtain SUI in order to fully participate on, and ultimately own, the network. Power must not be concentrated in the hands of a small group but spread amongst everyone. Our recently announced Community Access Program will help kick off this process.

The Sui Foundation is dedicated to fostering a strong, sustainable Sui ecosystem and celebrating the individuals and teams that make up the Sui community. We are grateful for everything that has been built so far and look forward to seeing what’s next.